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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Response Strategy And Face Crisis

Globalized business environment, various business corporations are indeed faced with a wide range of challenges and uncertainties. Also, there is a growing expectation that various companies will take care of the personal safety as well as well-being of employees under all circumstances.

Crises can actually take many forms, from the more conventional to a terrorist incident or perhaps natural disaster that can materially impact the operations of an international enterprise. Know that the outbreak of violence all over the world, worrying developments, and the sudden political change triggered the immediate evacuation of expatriate personnel or perhaps the need to close an operation or plant overseas.

When it comes to crisis response, failing to plan will mean planning to fail. In other worlds, crisis response must have a definite plan. Indeed, without careful training as well as regular practice in crisis communications, it is unlikely that an organization will be able to perform well under pressure. With such, proper training and regular practice when it comes to crisis communications is a must.

Different Crisis Containment, Training, And Contingency Planning Services

Contingency Planning - This will include devising a crisis response strategy at corporate headquarters, local and regional levels. Regular testing as well as amendment of such plans is very important in order to allow for the fluid nature of the modern corporation. Doing so will likewise ensure flexibility.

Hands-on Proactive Crisis Containment -
If you work hand-in-hand with clients along with their crisis containment committees, there is a greater chance that you will be able to deal with a live situation easily and efficiently. There are actually senior consultants that have unparalleled experience when dealing with serious situations and crises.

Business Continuity Planning And Practical Response To Incidents - A lot of organizations will offer necessary services however, only few have the required experience in order to practically implement the necessary plan whenever the necessity arrives.

Extortion Response Consulting - Modern business can indeed face a wide variety of threats from various parties with different agendas. These can actually take the form of out and out extortion or perhaps threat to infrastructure or processes to or denial of service attacks to certain computer systems. Indeed, in some parts of emerging economies, only little help can be expected from local government or law enforcement offices. There are firms or consultants that can actually guide senior management through such circumstances.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ready For The Leap

You have a plan written down that you review on a regular basis, that sets the course for where and what you want to be in 2015, 2020 or even 2030, you can stop reading now and skip to the crossword puzzle. However, if you haven't figured out what you want to be when you grow up, read on. It will change your life dramatically for the better. In fact if you have not written down what your life is going to look like and what is on your "to do" list for the next 10 years, how in the heck do you know where you're going? If you are stumbling along trying to satisfy short term objectives (less than 3 years) and do not have a grip on the big picture, I.e. core values, 5 and 10 year objectives, you are less likely to feel fulfilled than those that have a plan and stick to it.

You Will Always Operate To A Plan

The rule is; you will always operate to a plan. If you don't have one of your own, you will follow or fall into, someone else's plan. When you arrive at those various forks in the road and you don't have a plan, there is a high likelihood that you will make a decision as to which road to take based on someone Else's plan. However, if you have your own long range plan, you will make those incremental decisions base on where you want to be - your plan.

Now there are people who enjoy being led and have no problem following someone Else's agenda. However, I believe the vast majority of you would like your life to turn out the way you want it to turn out and not be left to the discretion of those around you.

Four Step Program

There are several organizations that can help you with a structured process to help you lay out targets for the long-range future. You can also accomplish this on your own or with your significant other if you are disciplined enough to put aside several hours and take on this endeavor with serious abandon. However, before you sign up or begin on your own, make sure the following four areas are addressed:

First, figure out what your core values are. These are the values that are truly the most important to you. They are not tangible, material things. They consist of wonderful thoughts and values that you live and would die for. There are dozens of values that can be identified, but some of the popular ones are, family, spirit, integrity, honesty, wealth, security, power, etc. The list goes on. Don't limit yourself. Take a lot of time with this first part. Make a list of those core values that are the most important to you. Now identify those top three values that you would die for (this isserious stuff). Keep these uppermost in your mind throughout your planning process. These are the values that will have the most impact on motivating and driving your life decisions.

Second, figure out where you want to be and what you want to be, 10 years from now. Keep in mind your core values. If you died 10 years from now, what would you want on your tombstone (besides pepperoni and cheese)? What do you want someone to say about you in your eulogy? Write your own eulogy.

Third, lay out your personal goals that will make this eulogy accurate. For those of you in the business world, the eulogy is like a mission statement that your company has. Your short term goals (1 month - 1 year) and your long term goals (1 year - 5 years) are then developed to support your mission statement or eulogy.

Fourth, establish goals within your career (short term and long term), that support your personal goals. These most likely will contain many material goals. That's okay. I know Mom said, "Money is the root of all evil", she may be right if you don't have legitimate core values that are the basis for earning that money. The bottom line is; now is the perfect time to plan the rest of your life. The next millennium will be exciting and successful for you if you operate to your plan.
Dave Fischer is the founder of Chartwell Seventeen Advisory Group and currently serves as President. He is a licensed trainer of the Sandler Selling System which has helped thousands of sales professionals, worldwide. With a passion for selling, training and coaching, Dave seeks to help individuals and organizations achieve their professional goals in the fields of sales and sales management. Dave holds a B.A. from the University at Albany: State University of New York as well as an MBA from Columbia Business School.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Price Optimization in Real Time

Food is a commodity and we treat it that way at the wholesale level, and since free market economics are all about 'Supply and Demand' shouldn't we take that whole concept and philosophy down to the street level? Well, we kind of do that now right? I mean when supplies are abundant and a particular fruit or vegetable is in season, the prices becomes stunningly low, and then at the end of the season it rises up again.

Why? Supply and Demand, and somewhere there is a climate where such fruit or vegetables can grow in the off-season, South America and Australia for instance - opposite seasons right? Yes, but figure the cost to transport and hazards of perishables being shipped across the planet and every crop competes for field space, water, and farmers plant what's most profitable or what they think will be at the end of its growing season.

If this all sounds like the type of writings Adam Smith put forth in the Wealth of Nations or a Milton Friedman economics speech (still available on YouTube by the way) that's because all of these things are the basics and fundamentals of free markets and supply and demand dictates. Okay so, about the street level, what if the supply and demand in the store were to take all that into mind?

You see, there was an interesting article in Grocery Retail Online News on August 14, 2014 titled; "KSS Retail Introduces New Automation Solution To Enable Real-Time Price Optimization," and I wonder if they might take this even further, let's talk.

What if the cash registers were connected to the produce 'electronic price' sign guaranteeing that price for one-hour if you hold a little tag or have an app on your iPhone synchronizing that price until you get to the register where you scan your phone for the 'special price' even if that price is less than the advertised price you received in your junk mail coupon flayer?

Lastly, I wonder if people will complain of price gouging were this to be taken to its Free Market limits? And would it cause people to come to the grocery store every day to see what was on sale? What if something isn't in the mailer coupon flayer and yet, when you run to the store to get that item for your recipe you see there are only a few left and the price is now $5.00 per pound? Time to think on all this, because it seems others already are and they are ready to implement these real-time systems for pricing at the consumer level.