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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Role Of Industrial Design

The industrial design is a specialized field of work that refers to the activity of achieving ornamental or formal appearance for mass-produced items or products. In simple words, industrial design is a creative and artistic profession, which involves the creation of a product design, its features, and branding. These products can be a toy, furniture, or even the packaging of a certain item.

Legally, industrial design also refers to a registration system, which protects the functional and unique ornamental characteristics of a product that results from the design activity. However, as easy as the process seems, it actually is not. In fact, industrial design involves numerous complications and problems that require constant attention in order to ensure the success of a product.

Therefore, when it comes to working for an upcoming project, it is imperative for you to cover the basics before you even think about accepting the task. Remember, only after you have mastered the basics it will be possible for you to create a successful product appreciated by consumers. The question is: what are these basics and how can you incorporate them? Well, read below and find out:


A designer has three roles: performing market research, conceptualizing the design of the product, and creating branding solutions. As you can see, all three of these roles are not exactly easy to perform. Therefore, the first basic element of industrial design is to familiarize yourself with the ultimate goals of the project assigned to you.

Now, you will find many goals that will require more effort and time from your end. However, this does not mean you forget to give importance to the hundreds of other goals that require attention in order to introduce a successful product into the marketplace. Therefore, when it comes to successful industrial design, make sure to understand all goals.


Now that you have understood all goals of the project, it is imperative that you research the location and the specifics. Keep in mind that every successful item in the market has undergone significant research by an industrial designer. Similarly, you are required to do the same and have to carry out thorough market analysis and research.

Additionally, you must also familiarize yourself with the local codes and building regulations. This way, you will learn about all possible problems that you might face in the designing phase and can outline solutions to avoid them. You can also consider looking at similar projects to understand how they tackled numerous challenges presented during the design phase.


The design of any project can get incredibly costly. Now, why is that? As mentioned earlier, industrial designers have three main roles of which one is to conceptualize the design of the product. This process includes creating presentations that cover the product's usability, design, features, and functionality. Therefore, any errors in this phase can cause numerous troubles in the development phase, thus leaving no option than to repeat the whole process.

This repetition of the entire process will of course require additional resources and significant time and effort. Therefore, the third thing you must do is look at ways you can control the cost and perform the designing phase carefully. This way, you can keep your budget from going out of hand.


The final thing industrial designers are required to do is critically look at all the aspects of the project and determine the number of specialists required to ensure project completion within time.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Corporate Video production Your Business's Success

Research study in 2013 showed that 93% of marketers use video to market advertise and communicate with target audience. Another study by eMarketer shows a 51% surge in sales conversion when video is included in an email marketing campaign. In addition, a Marketers Summary Report in 2014 projected that 74% of all Internettraffic will be video influenced by 2017.

Impressive Corporate Video Numbers

All these numbers highlight the integral role a corporate video production play in your business's success. Over 82% of Americans own a Smart phone, making videos even more critical for businesses. The question then becomes how to optimize them in explaining corporate ideas.

Tips on Pitching Business Ideas via Video

1. Write a Comprehensive Script

The planning stage in video production can make or break the objectives. You must plan clear messaging, who will be in the video, project problems, objectives, brand strengths or product features and the story that will be used in communicating all this. A rough sketch is all your production company needs to start production.

2. Hype Product or Brand strengths

It must have an objective, and if it is advertising, then make sure the benefits of your products or services are quickly introduced in the story. Contemporary viewers are choosy hence they need instant information through statistics, proof and evidence that what you are advertising really works.

3. Behind the Scenes Story

You can communicate business ideas by showing behind the scenes events in your business. This will demystify your business while also enhancing brand loyalty and trust. By opening up your business, you will have created familiarity, which in turn leads to more traffic on your page.

4. Email Marketing

If you have a message you want to pass across, fusing email and video is an ingenious technique of making sure your content is read. Your email should have a sketch of the information while the video link should promise more detailed information. Research shows that this technique guarantees over 200% click-through for your videos.

5. Social Media and Video Content

Whether you are launching a product or promoting it, Facebook is a good platform to make sure your business ideas are communicated. With content consumption on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp increasing tremendously, you are assured of increased sharing and click through for your videos if they are posted on social media.

6. Video Training

It can be primed for internal educational purposes within your organization. These videos are interactive and help explain intricate aspects of the business that your staff ought to understand.

Other ways in which you can optimize videos include product advertising, appreciation, entertainment, clarification, news and commentary and business demystification. Simply put, the opportunities are numerous.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

For Online Banking Services

Financially stable is important for individuals. Of course, it is essential to have sufficient finances in case that you want to invest in items that can improve your lifestyle such as a house or a car. With this, more and more individuals save a part of their salary in banking institutions.

This is the most convenient way to secure your finances. However, going to banks can sometimes be very stressful. Fortunately, reputable banking institutions now provide an easier way to accomplish banking tasks with the help of online banking services. Listed below are some of the advantages of online banking.


One of the best features of online banking is convenience. Rather than spending time going to banks, you can simply accomplish banking tasks right in your mobile phones or computers. The need to wait in lines when going to banking institutions is also eliminated. Not to mention, there is no need to spend money for fares or
gas to go to banks. Hence, you can manage your time easily and efficiently.


When it comes to availability, individuals can make use of the mobile phones and laptops. During the past, individuals need to go to banking institutions in order to check their savings. With the use of online banking services, you can easily check your bank accounts with just some clicks of a button.

Safer and more secured

One of the dangers when going to financing institutions is the threat of theft or simply of losing your money. As a result, online banking institutions have reliable security services that offer a safer banking experience. To accomplish banking tasks safely, it is best to opt for online banking.

However, there are is still a threat with online banking. Therefore, you need to make sure that you make use of personal gadgets and ensure that you don't share your password or log in details to anybody when doing bank transactions to be sure that your personal information is safe and secured.

Enjoy amazing features

Most of the time, online banking is used to view or check your account. Luckily, financing institutions have added features in their online services. As of today, individuals can also pay their bills online. They can also transfer funds to other bank accounts easily. And, individuals can set up recurring bill payments. As a result, individuals can accomplish banking tasks easily and efficiently. Other banking tasks like ordering cheques can also be made online to help you get checks immediately. Individuals are rest assured that their banking needs are properly accommodated, which can help make their lifestyle better and more stable. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Happiness Advantage and More Money

Believe that if we're successful then we'll be happy - and that success could be losing weight, securing a promotion, buying a house... In fact, as Shaun Achor proves, it's actually happiness which fuels success (think the sun moving around the Earth and not the other way around). When we're positive, we're more creative, more motivated and more resilient. We have more energy and we get on better in all areas of our life. 

This book is the result of Shaun's studies over 10 years at Harvard University, plus lots of his own research with the likes of KPMG and UPS. The Happiness Advantage can be yours he tells us, and can help you gain a competitive advantage...

A recent Guardian article reported that "people who are happier at work are more productive - they are more engaged, more creative, and have better concentration. The difference in productivity between happy and unhappy people at work can range between 10-50%. That's 10% for non-complex repetitive tasks, or up to 40-50% in service and creative industries." And that's an awful lot in terms of business revenue.

 Top Take-Away

Sounds simple, but our minds are *the* most powerful machine, and we have absolute control over how we see the world and which opportunities we choose to take. Best of all, it's also within our power to change our mindset and window on the world. Even something as simple as completing a gratitude list every day can make you happier, help you see the good in every day.

Pearls of Wisdom

There are seven principles so I'll focus on those:

People who are happy have a psychological advantage over people who are unhappy and Shaun proves this through studies over time. College Freshmen who were empirically shown to be happy had a higher income 19 years later than their unhappy classmates

The Fulcrum and the Lever talks about the power of the mindset, and comes from the ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes who said, "Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world." The fulcrum is the mindset of the person, and the length of the lever corresponds to the potential power and possibility that person believes he or she has. If someone moves the fulcrum in the right direction by adopting a more positive mindset, the lever of possibility lengthens, which leads, as empirical studies have shown conclusively, to an eventual positive outcome.

The Titres Effect focuses on a study done on students who were paid to just play Titres for days on end. Their minds started seeing the real world in Titres terms, trying to 'fit' buildings into each other. Shaun also talked about the negative power of things like GTA when he had to stop himself stealing a police car... This
principle shows how to retrain your brain to spot patterns of possibility rather than patterns of failure.

Falling Up looks not at avoiding mistakes, but doing even more than learning from them - throwing yourself into them. It's focused on how you can find the mental path out of failure

The Zorro Circle focuses on how, in the face of even overwhelming odds, you can fight off your emotions and regain control by beginning with small manageable goals. Shaun says that big goals can be too scary, and that you need to break them down into more manageable chunks sometimes

The 20-Second Rule looks at how to fight off the weakening willpower to be positive, and how you actually only need to maintain your focus for short bursts. What's easy to do is also easy not to do. Want to break a 'bad' habit? Make it difficult to access that habit - so, take the batteries out of the TV remote and leave them
over the other side of the room if you want to cut down on your viewing. Equally, if you want to start keeping a journal, don't put it away in a cupboard, even one near, leave it right next to your bed with a pen on top

Social Investment focuses on how to invest in friends, peers and family members to move forward in challenging times, and how we each have the potential to positively influence 100 people every time we choose to be happy Recommended?

Absolutely! The structure's a little loose and I had to revisit it to pick up the seven points, but the narrative is great, the examples are awesome and it's an easy, positive and inspiring read/ More money means you can do even more stuff to make you happy :-)

A former weapons engineer and submariner with the Royal Navy, his business journey started with a degree in International Disaster Engineering and Management.

He completed a Masters in Neuro Linguistic Programming currently finishing a series of interviews with some of the UK's most super, super-successful business owners to see just what mind-set and beliefs they all have in common.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Only Graduate

Many college graduates and reading many articles about career paths that college graduates are entering, one thing stands out above the rest.
I haven't heard one person say that the career they have chosen is something they feel passionate about. Instead, I hear them talk about an emerging industry or that the pay is good, or that the job market in those areas is good.

What many people don't realize is that the job market changes according to the economy. A career may be in high demand today but it may be like a sinking ship five or ten years from now.

Careers that look promising today, may not be valued five or ten years from now or they may be flooded with applicants as qualified, or more qualified, than you. But, even more significant, is the fact that with technology moving at warp speed, the very jobs that look so secure and promise fantastic wages, may be replaced by newer and more efficient methods, and your job may become obsolete.

Over the last several decades, people have had more opportunities to get into jobs they love and feel passionate about after graduation, but they don't seem to go that route. And, this alone, will probably explain
why, in later years, they will feel depressed, unappreciated and undervalued in their job.

These are the kinds of people who will work to pay the bills but count the years until they retire, at which time, they will still not love anything about their life.

I always tell my clients to find something they feel passionate about and I'll help them find a way to make money doing it. And what do I hear in return? "I don't know what I feel passionate about." If you don't know what you feel passionate about during your college years, when are you going to discover what gives meaning to your life?

This is more than just asking yourself what you'd like to be when you grow up. It's not necessarily gearing you up for choosing a career. It's about what animates you, excites you. It's about what makes your juices flow.

Find that passion and you will have a career that you love and that supports you in the toughest economy. If it takes a degree, go for it. If there isn't a field for it, make one. If there isn't a name for what you feel passionate about, give it a name. But, most of all, find it and make it your life's work.