Friday, March 16, 2012

How Can Be Success Business And More Connect The Customer

With the economy weak and the level of competition high, how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd? Believe it or not, customer generation is not as hard as you may think. You don't have to have a million dollars to acquire new business. The issue with so many people having difficulty finding new customers is that most entrepreneurs simply don't know the correct way.


How to make business better - First and foremost, you have to be and outward focused company and individual. If you take a look around you will quickly realize that most entrepreneurs are "Me, Me, Me." 'Come check out My Facebook.' 'Come cheek out My profile.' 'Click My link.' You get the picture.

Instead, you should be proactively going to other people and focusing all your energy on them. I've said this many times in past blogs - people don't care about you, they care about themselves. You have to go to their turf, their house, their place of business, etc. Once you are there, you must find commonalities and figure out how to connect with them. You have to get to know your customer inside and out.


How to make new business - Once you have gone to visit them in their space, you will then, and only then, begin to understand exactly what you clientele's interests, concerns, and dislikes are. The process is never-ending because like any living organism, change is inevitable.

The best way to connect with your customer is to ask question. The more question you ask, the more you can learn from someone. In fact, the more questions you ask, the more your customer will feel appreciated, important, and listened to. Don't blabber on about all the cool features of you doodad. No one cares about the technical jargon.

When I was in the technology field, I use to confuse people all the time. Although I didn't sell computers, I'm sure most of you can relate with the following example:

This product has a two gigahertz quad-core processor, with 256 MB of  RAM, two HDMI outputs, six USB ports, a 16x DVDR/CDR Burner, etc, etc, 

Most people don't have any Idea what most of that means. They just want to know how it BENEFITS them. Here's an example most people would understand.

This product is really fast which will allow you to multi-task much better than before so that you can get more done in less time. You will be able to make CDs to back up all your important files and keep them in a safe place, you can also make home movies of your family and loved ones to share with later generations, and, you will also able to watch your favorite movies in high-definition any time you want.

Talking to people this way, you will quickly begin to see the 'Ah ha' moments in their eyes. More people will take to what you have to say because the are connecting emotionally and envisioning how your product will benefits and even change their lives. This will be very challenging in the beginning, but the more you do it, the more you will see results. I guarantee it!

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