Monday, January 28, 2013

Open Sales Market And Consumers

Sometime you just need a little encouragement to get in the door to make that call. Here's what I tell salespeople no matter what field they are in - whether real estate, mortgage banking and pharmaceuticals : There are two things on the other side of a call or a visit -
Opportunity and relationship

No opportunity

You want to know. No, you need to know what's n the other side of that door or call.

When I started doing sales, I was fearful of being rejected. I was scared about what people were thinking about me. Then I realized...this job wasn't about me. It was about the person I was talking to at each and every opportunity. When I because curious about them, my whole sales process changed.

Making a phone call, paying a visit, or cold-calling is all about pushing the door open and seeing what happens. The door is simply a barrier between you and the person with whom you want to connect. Sales are about being willing to push that door open no mater what is not the other side.

Sometime you are going to to run into people who are mean, upset, angry, sad, or disenchanted. They are going to try to make you feel the same way. Don't let them. Sometimes you're going to run into people who are nice, happy, and friendly.
Sometimes you are going to make a sale but most of the time you aren't.

Here is what I do know... If you don't push the door open or make that call or go on that visit, you will never make a sale. Part of sales is tenacity - the ability to just go out and get the sale. The other element has to be curiosity. You have to be curious and interested in the people you interact with throughout the course of your day.

The key is to focus your mind and look at every barrier as an opportunity. There is something interesting on the other side of the door. Go push it open. Go that make call. Go make that visit. Keep doing it. The more you do it, the better you will get. The more you do it, the more opportunity you will have to develop relationship with people. The more you do it,

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