Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Flash Animation Presentation Design

Flash  animation - PowerPoint supplies a huge variety of animations which can be used in your presentations, but it doesn't mean you should use all of them. Sticking with 2 or 3 subtle and smooth animations throughout your presentation will look much more professional and less cheesy. Don't forget your audience will read the slides faster than you can speak so use animation to help focus their attention.

Audience - Your audience are key to your presentation, know who they are, know what motivates them; make the presentation relevant to them as individuals. What does this information mean to them personally and will encourage them to concentrate and interact with you.

Ask - Ask questions, they don't have to be directed at individuals but make your audience think, don't just speak at them.

Body language - Be confident in what you are saying, if you're not how do you expect your audience to believe in what you're saying. Stand up straight, move around the room and engage your audience with eye contact.

Bullet points - These can be overused so asses if they are really necessary. You can use bullet points to focus your messages. But remember your audience will read faster than you can speak so build your bullet points as you go.

Basics - Don't forget the basics of presenting. Be clear when speaking, pronounce everything, and make sure you talk to the person at the back of the room. Arrive early, make sure your presentation is correct and your microphone works and familiarise yourself with the stage and set up.

Creativity - Remember this is a presentation not a hand-out; you can use creativity to find alternative ways of displaying your messages without them losing impact or importance. Making a more creative presentation will make the audience remember you and your presentation after they've left the room.

Concise - Be clear and concise with your messages, audience's attention spans are not great so you want to make sure they leave with all the key messages and aren't bogged down with too much detail.

Captivate - Try finding an alternative way to approach your subject. Maybe use a current news story or sports situation to help explain your points. The audience won't expect to hear the presentation told in this way so will captivate their imagination more. Flashing your project present stylish.

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