Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Positive Aspects Of A Career

It is  essentially career stagnation, and for many people, it is a very unsettling place to be. Career plateaus happen to nearly everyone at some point in their lives. While the reasons for your career stalling are varied, it is important to not allow it to over come you. Here are some ways to transform a plateau into a catalyst to propel you toward the next level of your career;

Determine the Reason

One of the first things to do when you realize you've plateaued in your career is to take some time to determine the reason. Is this a natural plateau that has occurred as you patiently wait for a promotion? Is it due to economic turns that have left your company struggling to grow? Some people even design purposeful plateaus into their career for personal reasons. One example of this would be choosing to take on less responsibility and work as you focus on raising your children. Plateaus are sometimes a necessary break in your workload to recharge and prepare for your next venture.

Many job ruts are unforeseen, however. When this occurs, they are more likely to cause deep frustration. If you have been working diligently for a long period of time and are consistently  over looked for more responsibility or promotions, it might  be time to look for other job opportunities. Regardless of the reason behind career plateaus, these quiet times can have a transformed effect on you life if you know how to take advantage of them.

Look at the Positives

If you take time to consider the positive aspect of a career lull, you'll soon see that career plateaus offer some benefits. Keep these positive aspects of career plateaus in mind to regain perspective as you move through this season in your career:

  • They offer a chance to stop and consider your goals, regain strength for upcoming obstacles and change course if necessary.
  • They give you time to learn and strategies to reach your next great position. For instance, when business is slow, you have time to acquire additional training .
  • Career plateaus grant you a valuable opportunity to develop your own business or side venture. While enjoying the security of steady income, benefits and minimal work pressures, you can put more time and energy into cultivating your hobbies, freelance work or budding business.
Be Realistic About the Negatives

While it is important to avoid self-pity and remain optimistic about your career situation, it is just as vital to learn any necessary lessons. Look at your situation and honestly assess any performance issue that could have contributed to your career plateau. has boredom with your current position caused the quality of your work to take a nosedive? This gradual disengagement that can occur if you no longer feel challenged by your work leads to habitual under performance, which will not go unnoticed in any position.

Another possible contributing factor to consider is your embedded reputation. This is a dynamic within the company that ultimately hinders you from promotion because you are seen by your superiors in a certain way. once you have been typecast in this manner, it is difficult to break free from that image. when this occurs, your best option is to seek out better employment opportunities and break free from your mold.

 Seek professional Career Guidance

Career plateaus are a part of life. While they can cause a lot of stress and job dissatisfaction, they do not have the power to derail you unless you become internally paralyzed by them. Looking for the positives of your situation, strategies your next career move and learning from the lull will ensures you are handling a career rut effectively. If you find yourself struggling through a plateau period, consulting a staffing professional can help you create a reasonable action plan to transition out of your current position.

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