Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Four Tips To Start Successful Export Business

Successful Export Business started is certainly not an easy task, given all the competition that is out there. Even if you have chosen to start a business in a niche that is not as exploited as others, you still have to face massive competition. Having said that, the main question is: how do you find buyers for export?

If you want to expand your business horizons by increasing the target market and exporting goods all over the world, then selling your products at an international scale can be very rewarding, both financially and professionally. The secret is to find a buyer to whom you can deliver goods and services on a constant basis, as this will generate a continuous flow of cash. Here you will find several hints and tips on how to find buyers for export:

1. Learn How to Advertise Your Product

In the business world, advertising is everything - it can take your business to the peak of success, or it can lead it to failure in several months' time. Despite the fact that advertising does involve an initial investment, you will likely recover all the invested money within 6-12 months.

The media offers your business the visibility and popularity it needs to stand out from the crowd, to differentiate itself from the competition. By advertising your business in an efficient manner, you will not even have to struggle to find buyers - they will eventually come to you, if your business becomes an authority in its field of activity!

2. Get as Many Business Connections as Possible

Business connections are undoubtedly the fastest, cheapest and most efficient way to advertise your business without spending a fortune on marketing services - basically, these connections spread the word about your products and services (which is basically word of mouth marketing). Business connections can raise brand awareness for your business not only from one country to another, but also from one continent to another.

A great idea is to set up partnerships or joint ventures with foreign organizations that know the local buyers - this way, your business will get the visibility it needs. Nonetheless, this involves thorough market research as this is a long-term investment and there is no room for mistakes!

3. Attend Trade Fairs

Attending trade fairs is an almost guaranteed way to draw the attention of potential buyers, as they offer the exporter the opportunity to display products and services in front of a variety of interested customers. However, these trade fairs do require a certain budget and they are usually categorized by the types of products they display: there are electronics fairs, automotive fairs, fairs with products for babies and children and such. Also, attending a fair requires a well-defined marketing strategy that is aimed at the target market.

4. Buying Agents

This should be a last resort option, as buying agents usually do not come cheap (although this is not a general rule!). Basically, these are people who know the market and the buyers, and they advertise your product or service. They act as intermediaries between the supplier and the buyer, and they not only deal with contacting potential buyers.

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