Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Planned without Anyone Making a Decision

The real world often blame mistakes on others, rather as they attempt to hide their incompetence or inability to make it happen. We know that our society is moving in this direction, we can tell by the union workers who purposely do work slowdowns or even our Teleprompter in Chief. Now, then should we blame humans for acting like this, well, the answer is maybe. You see, everyone else is doing it, even their role models. Today, everything is about fake pleasantries, so-called group think. There is only one problem with all of this.

Nothing of any substance is getting done, anywhere. We have civic leaders, bureaucrats, 20-somethings, academics, politicians, and unbelievably even business leaders running around stroking each other's egos in an endless stream of meetings. No one anywhere will make a decision, not until they meet with "the group" and ask them what they think. Of course, the members of that group are also indecisive, so they have to go back to all the other groups they are also in and ask everyone there, all those people in turn ask their groups and friends, many of which are in the previous chain of groups, committees, boards, or whatever they attempt to call themselves.

Then they play the little musical chair pecking order games. Making sure everyone is okay with anything that is planned without anyone making a decision, eventually someone stands up and says "yes, let's do that," and then one-by-one others in all the other groups get on board with the new idea, that is after the next set of meetings, some of which get postponed, interrupted by holidays, and then held. The funny thing about all this, is that the person who thought of the idea and the person everyone was waiting to talk too, should have probably just agreed over the phone and told everyone else what they were doing.

But no, in the new way of doing things, everyone is asked for their input and thoughts, but no one can really think anymore, they just meander trying not to step on any one's toes. Meanwhile, they hold banquets, conferences, symposiums, seminars congratulating each other, giving out plaques, certificates, and frig gin door prizes and raffle prizes. It's all really a very sick joke indeed. Humans running around all afraid to make a decision, so worried about what everyone else thinks, when in reality none of them are thinking at all. Step back sometime and look at yourselves, it's quite pathetic.

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