Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ask Yourself Question For New job Interview

Try for interview and you get the job offer, but you are not sure whether you will accept the offer. Do you have cold feet and buyer's remorse or is this job not really the best move for you at this time?
Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine whether to accept the offer or to stay at your same job.
1. Have I learned everything I can at my current job?

You need to look at the pros and cons of your current job. There must be a reason you started looking at other positions. If you truly have nothing more to learn and the job is boring and repetitive, then this may be a good time to leave.

2. What are the real opportunities at the new job other than money?

Look at what your new job provides beyond salary. Will there be better mentors, cutting-edge technology, or better working conditions? If the answer is yes, then it may be a good time to seek those opportunities. 

3. Does this job fit in with your long-term goals?

The job may sound very exciting and fun, but does it fit in with your long-term goals? If it doesn't, perhaps your goals have changed. The point is that you have to look at a total career for every job move. If the job adds new skills and experience, it may be a good fit for the long haul?

4. Is this a once-in-a-lifetime job that you will regret if you don't take it now?

The conventional wisdom is that "opportunity only knocks once" and that "opportunity often comes at an inopportune time." Only can you make that decision. If you have been looking at jobs for a long time, you should know how often a job like this comes onto the market.

5. Can I afford a lower salary? Do I need a second job?

If the employer has offered you a lower salary than your present position, can you afford to take the position, even if it is your "dream job?"
Be realistic about hos much salary you will need to live comfortably. What is the cost of living in the new area? If it is lower, that will help your expenses. If it is higher, you may need to consider a second job. If you take a second job, does that diminish the positive aspects of your "dream job?" Will you have the energy and stamina for the new job if you are worried about day-to-day living expenses?

Before making your final decision as to whether to accept the position, you may want to ask when your first performance evaluation will be and whether you would be eligible for an increase at that time.

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