Thursday, July 4, 2013

Key Post Job of an Accountant In An Interview

Good accountants are needed in practically every company. But what characterize such a person? In a world where accounting standards are changing on the way, the formal education is not enough anymore for a good applicant for this job. One really needs to improve his knowledge on daily basis, have a good idea of what's going on in a world of finance and study new standards regularly. What more, creative accounting becomes more and more popular. Tight margins between profit and loss increased the importance of applying creative accounting in business, to save some money here and there.

If you want to get this job, you need to get ready for extremely difficult job interview. To show your diploma and say some phrases is not good enough. Employers know very well that universities can not prepare accountants for the real job, even the good one. It is about your own initiative and studies, to make yourself able to flourish in an interview and to answer all accountant interview questions.

But it is not only about questions and answers. Actually there is much more behind it. Nowadays, one has to study some practical examples and prepare for exercises from real accounting, not only for answering some questions like at school. In this world everything can happen. If you can deal with every situation in a way that helps the employer to cut costs (direct or indirect, it doesn't matter), you will have a good chance of getting this job.

Being the one who can cut the costs is exactly how you need to present yourself in a job interview. Such person represents an ideal accountant from a point of view of nearly every interviewer. Of course, other skills and abilities are also required. You should be confidential, reliable, responsible and have an ability to transform the financial terminology in a language employees from other departments can understand. Book-worm is not an ideal accountant anymore. You need to have good communication skills to be able to do this job.

Presentation of these skills in an interview leads towards success. Do not hesitate to prepare a working portfolio, or at least to have some references on you, in order to show them more than other applicants can show. You need to stand out from the crowd, not be just one of the group of fifty job applicants. This should be your primary focus in an interview. 

However, even if you do so, it does not have to be enough. Nepotism is present on practically every workplace and positions of accountants are extremely popular. Therefor, it is maybe better to apply for an accounting job in bigger company, where your chances to succeed are better. On the other hand, such companies rarely give you a chance to work on real tasks. You will be most likely doing the same three or four processes day after day, hour after hour.

To conclude it, it is not easy to get a good job of an accountant. One needs to devote a lot of time to interview preparation. And still, it does not have to be enough. What more, even if you get a job, sometimes it can be a big disappointment, plus you need to deal with pressure from all stake holders of an organization.

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