Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Top Successful Business Keep Customers Happiness

Any successful business, you'll find a common theme. It isn't an expensive ad campaign or having a flashy product (although those things certainly help); ultimately what it comes down to is taking good care of the customer.

Let's take for example the tanning industry. This is an industry that is built on face- to- face interaction and direct sales to customers. The model for many tanning salons has customers returning on a frequent basis. This is a great model for return business and referrals which can be enhanced by taking care of the customer.

What most retailers don't know is that if a customer has a bad experience they are very likely to share this information with friends and family. Some studies estimate that a negative experience will be retold nine to fifteen times. That in itself is quite astounding, but this factor can be multiplied exponentially through review sites like Yelp and Google Local.

So is the answer just to keep customers happy? Yes it is, but there are several factors that lead to a customer's happiness. A properly trained staff that is polite and friendly can really go a long way to making customers happy. Additionally, ensuring that tanning beds are working and providing tanning lotions also enhance the retail experience.

Where many tanning salons can really shine is in their tanning booths. At an initial glance this looks like a costly and time consuming process, but it doesn't have to be. Many salons have found amazing success by using modular tanning walls. Modular construction fabricates all the walls, doors and other components off site and then ships them to the salon where there are assembled incredibly quick. These modular salon walls not only look amazing; they also can be moved or reconfigured quite easily.

Lastly, it is important to make a good first impression with salon customers. Many salons choose to transform their lobby into a place that is not only comfortable for their clients but also showcases some of the products they are selling. Placing a friendly staff person in the lobby will ensure the first impression a customer gets of the salon is a good one.

By taking care of the customer through providing great service and a comfortable atmosphere you'll be taking steps to ensure a positive rapport with your customers. If these steps aren't taken, the potential for a damaged reputation that is spread vi rally could have drastic consequences. very important customer's happiness.

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