Thursday, July 18, 2013

Well Dress Up Present During A Job Interview

Applicants always rely on their skills and qualifications when they go for a job interview. They just think that these are what matters most to their prospect employer so their appearance does not really bother them. Besides it depends on the position they are applying for.

Such thinking is very irrational. Personal appearance really matters to employers. Dressing up is also considered by employers in choosing their employees. Do you think the employer will hire you in a corporate setting if you wear only a shirt, jeans and sneakers during a job interview? Come to think of it, even if you have the qualifications for the vacant position, still the employer might have second thoughts of hiring you especially if you look like a goon in your attire.

Improper attire is detrimental and may lead to your rejection. Hence, aside from preparing for the job interview, you should also prepare for your outfit. Or else, most likely you will suffer the consequences. Therefore you should do your part to establish a good impression. With this, you will position yourself as the frontrunner's among the applicants.

But the question is, how will you present yourself during a job interview to nail the vacant post as far as dressing up is concerned? Well, it's not simply donning the fancy or fabulous clothing. But it is not also advisable to wear timeworn clothes. The following tips should be taken into consideration seriously for you to succeed.

1. Attire. This is basically the first thing that will be noticed by the interviewer. Even if the company has no dress code, still you should wear an appropriate outfit. Do not just wear shirt and jeans but rather a black suit which is more suitable. Make sure that it is clean, has no wrinkles all over and it was ironed. If your suit is old-fashioned, you better buy a new one that is simple yet elegant or simply borrow from a friend if you have financial constraint.

2. Shoes. Wearing dirty shoes will leave a negative impression. As much as possible, wear clean and traditional shoes so that you are comfortable with it.Your personality should radiate professionalism so wear simple yet stylish shoes because you will be working for at least 8 hours straight and your feet must be comfortable with it.

3. Hair. It is the crowning glory of a person. As such, it should be washed and styled. Women should fix their hair perhaps

ponytail for that matter while men on the other hand should trim their hair to give a professional impression.

4. Fragrance. Colognes are very prevalent and nothing wrong with using it but too much use of this can be very damaging during the interview. If you put on much cologne, there might be apprehension when you sit in front of the interviewer. That is why it is prudence on your part to be conscious of the effects of your cologne to other people so as not to irritate them.

5. Accessories. True enough, accessories can enhance your outlook. But do not try to wear many ornaments as this can be disturbing for the interviewer. Use only a simple watch and perhaps a pair of earrings instead. Simplicity is beauty indeed.

6. Makeup. It is essential especially for women to wear makeup. However they must be extra careful on how to apply it. Avoid using too much but rather apply only a minimum amount enough for your beauty to be emphasized.

If you will simply follow the tips above, you will be on the right track of pulling it off in the interview. As you can see, it is very important for you to have proper attire as this is one of the factors being considered. Of course, this is not the main point but this will certainly work out.

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