Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Important 15 Ideas That Will Increase Your Sale

More specifically  what can your do to be more successful in sales? Here's the straight talk about sale. Here's how you can be more successful and make more money. Success start with prospecting. The better prospector you are the better at sale you will be. This is because with out prospect you can't sell anything. It doesn't matter how good your product is. It doesn't matter how good a closer your are. If  there are no prospects, there are no sales. It's that sample.

People seem to miss out on this truth. Everyone wants o focus on either presentation or closing skills. While these skills are essential, they are useless without a prospect. The prospect  is the most important component of the sale. So, you need to become proficient at prospecting if you want to be successful in sales. But, how do you do that. Here's how. You become a student of prospecting. Study different prospecting a methods and ways to get new customers.

Start a file on prospecting methods and techniques. Collect and save different ideas and ways to get new customers. Try out these different methods and techniques until you find one that works best for you. Then do it continuous everyday. Because the most important thing about prospecting is to be persistent and consistent with it. You can't prospect some of the time. You have to prospect all time. Never never not be prospecting!! 

Here are fifteen highly effective sales lead generating ideas you can use to increase your sales.

1)  Advertise with Welcome Wagon in your area. This is a greeting service that welcome new residents to the community. Have your information included in all their welcome packages they give away to new resident. This way you will be one of the first from your profession to have name recognition with new comers to your area.

2)  Look in publications and newspapers for people getting job promotions, Send them a congratulations note about  their new promotion. Include your brochure and business card with it. People with new promotions usually have new needs and wants.

3)  Ask your vendors or suppliers for leads. They should be glad t help you. Because when your business grows their business grows.

4)  Join you local Chamber of Commerce and take an active role in it. This has multiple advantages. You will become involved with the movers and shakers in your community. They are excellent sources to give you referrals. Also, you should get a membership list when you join. this list is a good source for business leads. The Chamber is also an excellent way to improve your general business knowledge. They are always offering workshops on business topics. take advantage of this education and increase your business knowledge.

5)  Use lists of new business license application. These are people applying to start a new business. You can obtain this list for free at your local county courthouse. New businesses are usually in need of lots of different types of products and services. If you use this method, don't delay in contracting these businesses. Don't let your competition beat you out by being the first one there.

6)  Use property transfer records of home and business sales. These are records of people selling or buying a home or business in your area. This is public information available for free at your local courthouse. Contact this list as soon as possible. New home owners have numerous needs. You may be able to help them fill some of these.

7)  Get and use membership lists of local civic and social organizations in your area. These lists are usually public information available at your local library. You can join an organization to obtain their membership list. These lists make excellent sources of leads.

8)  Use wedding announcements in your local newspapers. Send them a congratulation note on their up coming marriage. Include your business card with this. Offer to help them in their new life anyway you can. Newlyweds are in need of lots of products and services.

9)  Prospect your current customers. This is a good source because they already believe in you and your product. Is there anything new or different you are now selling they could use? Maybe some type of added product or service to what they already have bought from you.

10) Always look for ways you can help solve a prospect's problems. Tell them how you have solved similar problems for other people. Be specific when you do this. Always mention the customer's name you have helped in similar situations.

11) Put your prospecting message in terms of dollars and cents. Show your prospect in dollar figures how much money your product or service can make or save them.

12) Always relate your offer to your prospect in terms of what it can do for them. Tell them how they will benefit from using your product or service. Show them how it will help them improve their live or business in some way.

13) Know how to differentiate your product or service from your competition. Even if it's only in some small way. Small things can sometimes make a big difference. This can only be done by knowing the details of your competition's offer as well as you do your own.

14) Put your picture on all your making material. This include your business cards. It helps to put a face to your offer. It also help people remember who you are.

15) Find some way to make yourself and your product memorable. Some way that is unique to only you. Stand out from the crowd.

Now you know how to be a success in sales. The whole key is persistent and consistent prospecting. You also have 15 highly effective ways to do this. These methods used consistently should generate all sales leads you what. Start using them today to turbocharge your sales!!

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