Sunday, April 17, 2011

Marketing by Send SMS Messages

Getting permission to send SMS marketing messages is necessary and this consent must be given before your can send that first message. In other words, you cannot send out a text message asking the receiver for permission to send him a commercial message, it must be obtained in some other way. There are two different ways for consumers to provide consent. One is called express consent and the other type is inferred consent. Both of these are discussed below.

Express and Inferred Consent for SMS Marketing   

Express consent is given when the consumer opts to place a check in the check box on  a web subscribe form giving you permission to contact him. To ensure the person is aware of the fact he is giving his permission to be contacted by your company, he must check the box himself, it cannot already be checked by default.

Using surveys and entry forms for competition are two more ways you can obtain consent. However, the person filling out these forms must check the box indication that he gives your permission to contact him. It must also be clear that he fully understands this permission includes using emails and SMS marketing commercial messages. When collect business cards at any promotional even, the consumer must be aware of the fact that he will be contacted by SMS if he decides to leave a card.

Inferred consent is acquired through an existing business relationship or through conspicuous publication unless, it's stated the person does not want to receive electronic messages at the address provided. it's up to you,  the sender, to prove you had consent to send out commercial messages so always keep a record of consent for future references.

How to Build an SMS Marketing Message List

When done correctly, text message marketing can be very beneficial. Plus, it's fast, easy and efficient way to reach more potential customers and to stay in contact with the ones you already have. Still, it needs to be done correctly and this involves building a mobile marketing list the right way.

To help build up your text message mailing list, create incentives that will make the reader want to join. Some ways to do this is by sending out surveys, offering discounts on future products and create competitions where the person can win a prize. Whatever method you choose, make sure you always provide useful info the consumer can use that is relevant to your business.

Since text messages are more personal than some of the other form of marketing, the message you send should be more personal. First, identify yourself then include the person's name and explain why the message is being sent to him. Engage your reader by providing him with a way to interact with you by adding a response keyword or URL's where he can find more information.

A successful marketing campaign is targeted towards potential consumers that have a genuine interest in the products or services that you have to offer. But you must always provide a way to "opt-out" of receiving your SMS marketing messages; it's the law.

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