Saturday, April 9, 2011

Overtime And Attendance System

When you run a business that has round the clock staffing you can easily end up with shift hours discrepancies and labour costs that are sky high as a result. Costs of this nature easily mount up and therefore produce unnecessary overtime figures and if you don't watch it, it can soon get out of control.

That's why Time and Attendance systems is an employer's best friend. As they help monitor labour costs automatically and in perfect real-time with up-to-the-minute employee data which is available to multiple people  at any time during the day, therefore what was once difficult to track and stay on top of is no longer. Also systems of this nature have the inbuilt edit function which helps prevent costly errors and unnecessary overtime costs.

 As today's time and attendance systems are more flexible, efficient and affordable than before, so providing a much more viable and cost effective way to mange your staff and ultimately their overtime. Its function can ultimately help your oragnisation and an organisation of any size control their overtime spend and other more premium pay costs that seriously affect your bottom line and profit margins. Another amazing thing about systems like this they help maintain your total conformity with wage and labour laws, offering you substantial protection against expensive court cases and unnecessary fines.

Although systems lime this, that use computers to display and record employee data and their woriking hours have been around for awhile now. The new systems on the market, however, provide up-to -the-minute facilities that can instantaneously make your business more effective and cost efficient, whilst at the same time affording you as the employer greater protection against fines and curt for non-compliance to certain regulations and laws.

Another huge plus to using systems of this nature and their technology, are that they provide all employee data in real-time, therefore giving you an up-to-the -minute view of your workforce 24/7. Whereas older time and attendance systems relied upon the payment system known as batch processing , which meant that the necessary HR or payroll staff had no clue if member of staff had worked over their scheduled hours and therefore were now working in overtime, until it was too late. However, the new time and attendance systems use high tech technology in order record and monitor every member of staffs arrival and departure times as soon as they occur, therefore displaying an up-to-the-minute view of the hours worked both individually and collectively across the workforce straightaway. Some systems even give you email or SMS text alerts to highlight you or the relevant manager who withing your workforce is approaching overtime, so you can either select to cap their hours or pay them overtime, if necessary.

Another thing with the modern systems available on the market now, is their reporting features ans its incorporation within the system and ultimately your business is more technologically advanced than before. With many having full incorporated scheduling features, enabling the system to automatically record and present you the user with up-to-the-minute hours actually worked and any pre-planned hours that will be worked over the next few days, weeks, months and years. Therefore enabling you to be proactive in your workforce management and time management of each employee, being able to foresee ahead of time any overtime issues and deal with them then and there, not months down the line when you cannot physically do anything about it, but pay it.

Furthermore, another big positive for systems like this are access, they enable  you to view the employee data a anytime during the day from an internet enabled computer or phone, therefore gone are the day when only the HR team had access to such information. Thus lightening their load, enabling them to do more beneficial tasks and ultimately helping your company produce better results in the short and long term. Similarly, you can restrict access to only the relevant mangers, making them take responsibility for their team of site rather that just solely the HR department or you the employer. And certain systems allow the members of staff to have access and be able to see their hours worked and scheduled and ultimately their holiday allowance and overtime hours accrued as well.

Additionally, another great feature to time and attendance is its flexibility, in that it allows you the employer to tailor the system to meet your health and safety and other regulatory and legal needs, so as to prevent errors and ultimately any unnecessary court cases and fines. The system does all this automatically,  so you need never concern yourself about ever having to try and work out holiday accruals and other HR complexities. similarly, you can also allow when you feel it is necessary overtime pay rates and premium pay to certain members of staff, as a reward for all their hard work and attendance. With also the facility to make notes on certain clients or staff, for example if they have certain allergies or illnesses which mean they cannot work  in certain conditions and also giving  you the ability to approve pay rises and new pay rates for certain staff, when required.


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