Thursday, April 21, 2011

Payrool outsourcing help your company

Let us first take a look at this going green business. Going green is more than just a trend; it is about corporate responsibility and aiming for sustainable development. The best part of going green, allusions to noble thoughts of contributing to the planet's well-being aside, is that it would actually save your business some money.

Now, we all know that going paperless is one of the foremost ways to go green. Most payroll companies enable electronic payroll data collection and transfer; this means that your get rid of all the bills and papers {and the clutter). The company can provide tracking and give you quarterly reports and all these, you can view online. Instead of the "pay slip", your employees can just be provided a receipt code and with the direct deposit, you will not need to use checks. The amount will be transferred from the funds on your bank account into your employee' individual accounts. You even get to save on the paper used for checks and stamps - and you also saved costs on stamps.

Another reason why you get go green while outsourcing your payroll service is that you no longer need to buy all those toner cartridges for printing whatever needs to be printed. This means that you get to save money and that you can get rid of all those used cartridges so they can be recycles.

Your company may not be a smoke-releasing factory which needs to concern itself about the kyoto protocol but outsourcing your payroll to payroll companies also greatly reduces your company's carbon footprint. This is because of the direct deposit feature. By not using paper to send out payment information and payment to your employees, you save a lot on what it cost to cut trees and transform them to paper, and what the gas used to transport trees and  paper. It also has a more direct effect on your gas consumption; you no longer need to spend on gas for the employees' driving back and forth to the bank to make deposits; You also save on paycheck delivery costs.

When you outsourcing payroll you no longer have to deal with the nitty -gritty of it all. You may still need to do some paperwork but it would only be around 1% of what you will have to do, if you choose not to outsource. Another good thing  about outsourcing is that everything is seamless- from data collection, to transmit until calculations and deductions and payment distribution and tax filing. You do not need to work about non-compliance, and when it does happen, you can be sure your payroll service company can help.
outsourcing also cut costs and promotes staff productivity.

Those may just be just additional information to the answers for the "how can payroll help your company go green" question. Still, the prospect of going green has an attraction for everyone, not those who wanted to save on costs but also to those who are concerned about being environmentally friendly.      

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