Friday, April 29, 2011

Sales B2B Telemarketing

We can see this in almost all industry sectors (engineering, legal, sports, construction) businesses are desperate for more work and are opting for a more proactive form of marketing rather than the more traditional forms. Normally all that is the target audience data information, and calling can commerce. This could be a list of hotels in London, engineering companies in the South of England or list of pubs in the Midlands. No matter what the data, telemarketing can produce results - given enough numbers. However what sort of calling would be used in B2B telemarketing?

Appointment Making

If a business is looking for more appointments, then telemarketing is a great way to quickly target and prospect a select target audience, introduce and gain a meeting. Of course there is more to it; but in general this would be the process.

Lead Generation

Many businesses are not looking for appointments, but are looking for new sales  leas. This could be from prospects interested in buying a product or service. Again, agencies can call around and explore areas of interest.

Market Research

Many companies will use this to get valuable feedback on their products of services in order to assess how their products are viewed by their audience or to make valuable changes to their products

Follow Up

Many companies that attend events or conferences then have data they need to be called within a certain time period. Say for example 500 or 5,000 prospects showed interest in your services at an event. All these prospects would need to be followed up quickly before the interest died telemarketing is very powerful form of marketing that can be used in different ways to achieve all of the above; no matter what it is that you are looking for. There are many data companies around the UK that can provide business data; so if you do not have data to hand for calling , this can be purchased and given to telemarketing company to call.

Thing to bear in mind  There are a few things that do need to be considered when using B2B telemarketing:

Telemarketing takes time

Due to the sales process, it does take time to research, contact and close prospects (sometimes taking weeks or months depending on the sale).

Telemarketing is expensive

The costs for telemarketing are normally based on set day rates ranging from 150 ponds to 600 ponds. So selecting an agency based on their experience and track record is important

Not all telemarketing companies are the same.

There are over 600 telemarketing companies around the UK, so choosing one would need to be done with care. All agencies are different, different skill basis, experience and conversion ratios.

Choose a local agency

It is always advised to meet up with the agency before you set them loose. You need to need to understand them, how they work and function; but more importantly they need to understand you, your product and objectives .

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