Sunday, April 24, 2011

Scanning Service and Documents Scanning

Documents scanning depends on the amount of documents that need scanning , the process that you would lime completing and the type of document. But as a general example, in this article, we'll talk about general A4 documents that you would see every day whether they are invoices, standard letters or other correspondence.

It's understandable that you'd wonder how long the document scanning process would take since, inevitable, you'll more than likely need your files and document back as soon as possible. Thankfully, these days, technology is stage where all this work can be done extremely quickly with excellent results, which is exactly what you would expect. As an exam;e, the scanners that we use on a daily basis can scan thousands of documents per day and our company outputs around 3 million files per month. However there are other factors to consider.

If you send us documents that are stapled together, they will need to be removed before they go through the scanning process, so this will add some extra time, since scanning staff would need to put out the staples from each file as they go along. It won't add a lot of time, but when it;s added up it can add some time. There's also the type of indexing your would like to take into consideration, whether it be by date, name, reference number or other factors to help you identify the newly digitised documents.

You can also request OCR scanning which means that your documents will be made completely text search able so particular keywords can be located with a simple computer text search almost immediately.

So add up around how many documents you have that will need scanning and call up the company or companies that you are looking at  working with and ask them for a quote, but make sure to ask how many documents they can output per day as this will give you an idea of exactly how long the process should take. Also ask them about the indexing and potential OCR processing if you are interested to see how much time this will add.

Document scanning is a worthwhile and future proof solution for the office, but make sure you go with a reputable company that offers both good results and speed.

Other tips: Look for the ISO 9001 :2000 accreditation which means that their work is looked over by a third party and ask for a sample of the work to be done so you can get a good idea of who the document scanning process will turn out.

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