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Monday, June 27, 2011

Seasonal Business and Seasonal Job

The owner of a seasonal business, you've probably opened your doors and business is starting to pick up. Still, it's not too to take a look at some of the operational issues that could impact your business from a legal perspective.

Employees: It's important to be on the right side of the law when it comes to your staff.

1.  Since many seasonal jobs involve hiring students-either high - scholars of college age students who are home for the summer - make sure that you comply with your state's minimum age requirements for employment.

2.  Understand that most of your workers will be deemed employees. Just because you give someone an IRS From 1099 doesn't automatically make that person an "Independent Contractor" You will likely have to withhold taxes form your staff, so make sure that your payroll operations are being handled property.

3.  If your are hiring many non U.S Citizens, you may want to meet with an immigration attorney to make sure that your federal paperwork (From 1-9) is in order. You don't want to be on the wrong end of an immigration audit!

Insurance: Make sure you have the proper amount of coverage to ensure you won't be left in the lurch should worse come to worst.

1  How's your  liability coverage? Be prepared in case any customers or employees get injured.

2. You may want to evaluate if you need employment practice coverage, which protects the business owner from lawsuits filed by disgruntled employees.

3. Finally, you must be sure that you have enough insurance to cover the replacement costs or your business assets tin case they are destroyed by fire, flood, tornado, etc. (This is very important for boardwalk business that are especially susceptible to bad weather).

Lease: Carefully review your lease-it may be time to renegotiate certain terms.

1.  Are three specific restrictions that you want the landlord to re-think now that your business has expanded" For example, maybe you sell french fries on the boardwalk, but now you also want to sell water ice. Is there anything in the lease that prevents you from doing so?

2.  Are you required to lease the premises year round, or are you able to set up and move out of the space at the end each summer and therefore should have a lease that runs for certain months of the year?

For you fall/winter business owners - like plowing companies, ski resorts, holiday shops, etc., here are some quick tips for seasonal business owners in the "off-season"

1.  Study up on your industry, familiarize yourself with new trends and changes.

2.  Stay connected to customers via a newsletter, social media, etc.

3.  Revamp systems to make your operation more efficient.

4.  Spend considerable time interviewing staff for the following season, don't wait until last minute.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Video Surveillance in Our Schools and Big Benefits

 Schools have now implemented a number of different strategies for creating a safer learning environment, including sensitivity, mediation, and safety training a safer for educators and school employees, student seminars teaching effective strategies for emotionally explosive situations through peer character education and peer mediation, employment of security officers and checkpoints, and the installation of live surveillance video cameras. Although studies have found that many students find the presence of security officers and the use of checkpoints more intimidating and disruptive than discrete surveillance, the use of live camera security systems remains a controversial topic in the public forum.

What Does Video Surveillance Mean?

The video surveillance systems recommended for schools consist of live cameras discretely placed in areas where student supervision is either absent or stretched too thin to be effectively responsive to a potentially negative situation. The cameras are monitored and operated by a security officer, who can use remotely controlled features such as tilt, pan, zoom, and infrared recording to record and oversee that activity taking place within the area while the cameras are placed strategically, both for surveillance and to ensure minimal disruption of normal student behavior and activities, students and parents are informed of their presence, as they are meant to simultaneously provide awareness and proof of negative activities and act as a deterrent for students who would engage in such behaviors. Some opposes to this " safe schools " strategy believe that the cameras invade student privacy, however, it is important to note that cameras are not installed in personally invasive areas such as bathrooms and showers, nor are schools rooms and halls considered to be individually private areas.

How Video Surveillance Protects Our Children

Many potentially physically or emotionally damaging activities involve intra-students hazing. Students who engage in impulsive or systemic bullying or hazing of their peers generally do so because they are confident that the behavior will not be reported of if it is, cannot be proven. The presence of video cameras surveillance systems eliminate the idea that students engaging is such activities will not be culpable. The  surety of having to pay the consequence for their actions discourages many these potentially damaging activities before they even begin.

Students who commit serious acts of violence may be driven to such an emotionally disturbed state that the possibility of capture and consequence has no effect on mitigating their behavior, in such cases, video surveillance is less useful as a deterrent, but provides significant assistance in to security personnel in anticipating such an event by capturing suspicious behavior and actions, as well as vital proof of crime in the event that such an event does occur. Live cameras also allow security officials to be made aware of and respond to violent events much more quickly and effectively than they would be able to if forced to rely on witness calls for help. As any emergency responder will testify, speed in response is often the most important factor in mitigation and rescue.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sales Management Training : The Six Hiring Process

 The catch is that the majority sales managers don't have a proved process  to hire top salespeople. Yet to develop a group of solid high performing sales agents, a sales manager needs a repeatable, established method to hire leading sales agents.

A word of warning nevertheless, no matter what company or business you're in, don't ever hire soon after one interview it's way too little to really find out what someones about.

Regarding of how awful the tension gets to hire rapidly, always keep to the same six-step system we outline on this sales management training. This kind of sales management hiring technique ensures uniformity so you can consider each application in as consistent way as is feasible

The Six Step Hiring Process:

1.  Figure out Your Hiring Requirement 
2.  Perform thorough resume Assessment
3.  Hold the First Interview (six minutes)
4.  Hold the Second Interview (one to two hrs)
5.  Execute Background and Reference Checks
6.  Put together the Offer

Total time investment for all steps: 2 to 6 weeks as well as nearly three-plus hours of your time (perhaps more if you do the third interview )

This will likely appear to be a lot of time and energy invested for one lousy hire?

Consider it this way, you are hiring somebody that will feed your loved ones.... if that isn't a reasonable motive to guarantee you're doing all you are able to do to make the correct decision I don't rally know what is.

Just about every step in the process is in a timed pattern mainly because you need time to reflect, really think and reflect on the meaning of the details you've found in each phase. The human brain simply need time to process all this information!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Increasing Prices Without Losing Business

Are you able to keep or increase your business when you raise prices?

There are three important steps to achieving this goal:

1.  Know your market

The first step to achieving higher prices is to know your market. Get in touch with your competition and get quotes. Ask your clients what they're paying for products like yours. Learn your market and make an IMMEDIATE adjustment when you spot an opportunity.

I recently called our competitors to uncover what they were charging for their products. Although the pricing of our products was similar, I noticed that they were charging considerably more for transporting their products than us. Transportation is the second largest revenue steam at my company and this was big chance for me.

I immediately increased our transportation fees by 50% and guess what? Our customers didn't flinch. They kept ordering ! In a month I added roughly 3% to the bottom line without doing anything different except quoting higher prices. Talk about return on investment! But first I had to gain a better a better understanding of the market.

2.  Enhance your level of service

The second step to increasing your prices is to offer more and better SERVICE. If you're able to find ways to increases your service offering, your client will pay you more.

People will pay you depending on how valuable you are to them. Price and value two very different things. Price is what you set, value is what the customer gets.

The good news is that you can influence your value. You have a say in this! All you've got to do is offer more and better service. If you can influence value, then you can influence price as price follows value.

3.  Ask for higher prices

The final step to achieving higher prices is to request them. After you gain a better familiarity with your market and improve your service offering , you're fully equipped to raise prices.

Have confidence when you request your higher prices. If you believe you are worth it, so will your clients. Never sell yourself short.


There are small things that you can do right now to increase your service offering. For example, I am sure you spend great amount of time trying to find new clients, but how much time do you spend following up and thanking them for their business?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

What Is The Risk Management ? Defined And Explained

 The International Standard (ISO) describes it as, "the identification, assessment, and prioritization of risk, followed by coordinated and economical application of resource to minimize, monitor and control the probability and/or impact of unfortunate events." On the other hand, how it is defined can range among industries.

In the financial industry, It is focused on dialing with exposure to credit and market risk by identifying its origins, followed by contingency planning and hedging. From a global viewpoint, like climate change and economic stability of under developed countries for instance, unique principles may be needed. The underlying point I'm truing to get across is that risk management correlates with the context it's being used in.

There are specific principles that pertain to more or less all industries. Such principles are considered the "foundation" of risk management. They encompass global view, communication, proactive approach, information, integration and continuous process.

Global view looks at viewing all risk holistically relative to the things taking place around the world. Communication represents communicating with all stakeholders to make certain a strong understanding is obtained on every aspect of the risk involved. This is really important since risks are generally perceived in a different way by each person. The proactive approach principle is very important on the grounds that risk management is designed to foresee and plan for risks before they come about.

The information principle refers to understanding pretty much everything there is to understand about a risk. This is imperative for knowing how to deal with it. Among the more challenging principles will be the integration principle. Risk management just isn't something that should be managed separately, rather , it should be an important piece of the all around business. Strategies must be built into daily business operations to make certain risks are averted, mitigated and appropriately prepared for continually. The last principle is referred to as continuous process. This principle advises you don't simply implement risk management risk management processes and walk away. A risk manager should continually apply and evolve the strategic activities day-to-day.

Many people don't realize that positive occurrences can in fact require risk mitigation just like negative events. A good example is if you are selling a product and demand suddenly jumps by one hundred percent. Do you have the total capacity, materials and labor required to satisfy the excess demand? When evaluating risk factors, it's important to remember that they can be both negative and positive in nature.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Protection Employer Checks and Criminal Records

Background checks and criminal records searches are an important part of protecting the employer and making sure that potential hires are free from any criminal offenses or other types of misconduct. Employees with a criminal history can be a liability for any employer, as well as a threat to the harmony, order, and peace of the office. Some employers hire private investigators to do background checks on potential employees, while others primarily rely on and conduct their own in-house searches.

There are private institutions that conduct their own investigations, however, the cost for these organizations are much higher than sticking with a public background check.

Each state has a process in place for doing background checks through the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other agencies. There are several options for those who want to conduct a background check on their own.

Here are some tips to get you started

Be sure to obtain permission in writing from the person you wish to conduct a background search on. Let them know which types of searches you will be conducting ; i.e., criminal background check, employment verification, education, etc. the types of searches you will be conducting should be listed on the permission form that you ask them to sign.

Give the search engine the personal information that is needed, including  a first and a last name, the person's date of birth,  mailing address, and social security number.

Indicate which records you are searching for. Some office have specific forms for each type of search they are conducting. You may choose to search from the FBI's database,l also knows as the National Crime Information Center (NCIC0, or you may choose to conduct a search of the state database. You also have the option of choosing both if you wish.

Pay for the cost of your search. Complete all of the required forms, making sure that you pay close attention to the submission requirements. Some agencies will ask you to send in the form or forms in together along with your address  and a stamped envelop. They may also ask you to include a check or the money order for the processing fee.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Making The Sale : Clay Beads

A Seller of clay bead you know that it can often be difficult to close the sale and make the money you need to keep your business running. Granted, this list is not exhaustive, but in this articles I will share with you some tips that can help you increases your sales and improve your conversion rates.

1.  Build a mailing list - These days you can either build a mailing list getting addresses and sending out traditional mailers or you can gather email addresses and send out the occasional email newsletter. I prefer the latter option as people are more likely to give you their email address and this option is more cost effective. Plus this option allows your to make more instant contact and track data about how successful your email newsletters are in bringing in sales. Why is building a milling list important? People cannot buy your product if they do not know what your are selling. You could have the best clay beads at the best prices in the world but if no no one knows about them it does not matter. Mailers give you an easy way to do this. Also, people like to buy from whom they trust. Sending these mailers will help you build that trust relationship and in turn increase your sales.

2.  Have a sale or offer a coupon - The is an effective strategy and easy to do if you have built a mailing list of some kind. You do not have to make it a big sale as you do not want to go bankrupt, but you do want to make it big enough that it will be enticing for your customers. The other added bonus here is that people tend to buy above and beyond what sale or the coupon offers so you are able to make lots add k on sales.

3.  Hire a consultant - This can be costly so you may want this to be a last resort. But if your sales are not increasing you may want to consider having someone come look at your store or your website and give you tips for how you can improve. These people are experts in understanding how customers think and can be great resource of information for you.

Selling clay beads is a great business but if you are not making sales you will not last long Hopefully these tips will help improve your sales and your conversion rates.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

What is the Purpose of Cover Letter?

Very first you have to total your Resume and immediately after that write the job applications cover letter. Sending the CV along with the resume cover letter is genuinely essential due to the fact there an excellent chances your application is going to be turned down should send out the CV only. It can be also great to know that the job application letter will be the vital component the resume and the employers commonly check it firs. You have to be short and specific and notify the employer how he along with the organization can benefit from you, explain around your accomplishments and characteristics. On the other hand, never be too broad and prevent chatting.

Just before you start off writing the cover letter it's essential to try to come across all of the important details about the corporation and also the job opportunity. Always remember this, send the necessary paperwork to the individual that's right liable for that job opening. This may increase your odds for an job interview. You will benefit from the work you placed into this level and it is good to maintain this as the primary goal.

You also need to observe the format of your job application cover letter. Within the starting paragraph you have to be exact concerning the job opportunity you make an application for, also list many of your most desired abilities and be sure to be short exact. Make certain you write the job cover letter on a white pieces of paper and keep away from utilizing some fancy fonts.

The following paragraph demands you to use bulleted career highlights. This may make you more suitable for the position in a minute, and you are able to use your resume for the. Be as precise as it is possible to, keep away from becoming too broad and general. Once you list your benefits and successes in this way, you can make sure which you have the employer's focus.

Keep the last paragraph brief. Say thanks to the employer for his or her time and help, and you can also make sure they know that your are definitely inclined for occupation interview. Signing the letter with blue ink can be a have to.

Understanding how to compose the excellent resume cover letter is not straightforward, however it is some thing that has to be accomplished and it's going to undoubtedly pay off. An excellent job application letter is the most critical part of your own job application and it truly is the 1 factor which can be most in charge whether of not you'll have the meeting or not.

Excellent resume and get the excellent job and bright future

Saturday, June 11, 2011

How to Select Unique Your Bar's Name

The most crucial element of your future marketing efforts has to be addressed by selecting your bar's name. Why is it crucial to choose a good name? How does it help your build your bar business?

Name Build Brands

You may not realize it, you shop based on brands in some areas of your life. Do you buy Tylenol or Advil? Those are brands that consumers trust for the values they get from it. As a bar owner, you have to build value (bold). A good brand will enable your business to automatically convey what you to offer, without even having to tell customer directly.

Name Build Your Online Presence

When (there is no "if") you start a website about your bar, the name will be the most important elements in your online marketing opportunities. The domain name, the name of the website in the top bar, matches exactly with your bar name, then you will rank higher in the search engines when customers type in your bar's name.

Naming Your Bar

The name you choose for your bar should match up to the theme or style our your bar. You wouldn't name your bar the Hawaiian Mango if the theme was about the Kansas City Chiefs would you? When you choose your name, look at your competition's name to see how theirs match the theme, and how you can be different form them.

Here are few ways to name your bar.

Geographic Location

The easiest and most common bar names are based o where the bar is located in a give area.

Words: State, County, City, Region, Country, Mountain, River, Lake, Sea, Beach, Ocean, Station, Depot, Stop, Room, Lobby, House

If you know what theme the bar will have, why not add that to your name?

Words: Jazz, Blues, Rock, and Roll, '50s/60s/70s/etc, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Biker, Musician, Poetry, Seafood, Pizza, Steak, Hamburgers

Type Of Bar

The type of bar can also be added for emphasis.

Word: Bar, Pub, Tavern, Saloon, Place, Lounge, Joint, Corner, Cafe, Grill, Ye Older, Inn, Manor, Sports Bar, Speakeasy

Example name:

The Missouri Blues Tavern, San Antonio Saloon, Bob's Football Bar and Grill, Sue's Seaside Corner, Jack's Beer and Pizza, The Poetry Lounge

By no means don't let this list confine you! Your can add anything (well almost anything) to your bar's name. Add colors (blue, red, green), texture (gritty, smooth, etc), or a relatives name (Aunt Mary's , Uncle Bill, Cousin Matt). The possibilities are endless, but once you choose your name it cannot be changed readily. It will stick to your bar business for a long time!

Friday, June 10, 2011

On Six Sigma Efficiency - Do It In The Kitchen

Let's say you're going to cook yourself a meal which requires many different ingredients from your pantry, and refrigerator. If also will require pots, pans, dishes, and utensils to prepare the meal. What if told you that it was possible for you to prepare that meal only taking six steps during the entire process? Could you do it? Indeed. I bet you could, but you'd have to do little bit of planning before you started. You would have to think in your mind what was needed, and where everything was located, and plot a course taking the fewest number of steps.

You might this exercise is ridiculous, uneventful, and having no bearing whatsoever on efficiency in your company or small business processes. But guarantee you it dies, and if you will star thinking more efficiently when preparing meals in the kitchen, you will find inherent shortcuts, and improve the efficiency in your company or small business. I know this for a fact because I've tried it, and it is a method I created to help train my mind to become more efficient.

You see, before retirement I ran a franchising company, and we franchised portable car wash trucks which went to offices to wash cars. when I created my operations manual, and training program, I always took into consideration the time it took to walk from the car to the work truck or van, and back again. Generally this was about 15 seconds, and each time I could cut out 15 second from the washing process, I sped up the time it took to clean each car, thus, more cars could be cleaned per hour, and more revenue could be generated by the end of the day.

Six Sigma and efficient business processes matter no matter what type of business you are running, large or very small such as our franchised operations of mobile car washes. It behooves you to be thinking here, and one ways to cut your teeth on a Six Sigma strategy of efficiency is to practice in your own kitchen. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lecterns For Use A Product At An Exhibition

It all products demonstration or a talk on the services your company provides. If you have never previously used before there are a few important things to consider and remember. 

Setting Up

Portable lecterns, also known as podiums, are extremely easy to set up, needing no tools for construction and only 5 minutes of your time ti erect. The position of you lectern in terms of its placing in your exhibition stand is very important, you want your exhibition display, graphics and products to form an impressive backdrop behind you. You should have all your notes ready and placed on the lecterns slanted top before it's time to speak, you don't want to be rusting papers whilst giving your talk. Having a glass of water is usually a good idea as talking to a large crowd is intimidating to even seasoned speakers and a dry mouth can be likely outcome from nerves. Also taking a sip of water can be an excuse to take a look at your notes if you need to be prompted on your next area of discussion.

Using the Microphone Correctly

Before the event  is open to the public it is prudent to check the sound level on your lecterns microphone as it would be quite embarrassing to being to give your talk and no one can hear you, equally embarrassing will be if your sound is so loud it's at an uncomfortable level for listeners. The perfect level should be achieved when you are talking 8-10 inches from the microphone whilst is pointed directly at your mouth. You will not want to have to lean in and speak directly in to the mic to be heard , or stand well back from the lectern and not be able to read your notes.

Moving Around the Lectern

try and always keep your face pointed at the podium, even if your body way swing to the left or right as to gesture towards product, otherwise the sound of your voice will trail off.

Of course you could pick a microphone option that can be handled and this will allow you leave the lectern completely, which is a good idea as simply standing behind the podium the whole talk not grab the audience as a brief excursion may attract more attention.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Crisis Communications And World

What has always made the PR profession so challenging is that PR professional have had to work through the ultimate gatekeepers - the press when a PR professional tries to obtain media coverage on a company, they have to convince a reporter - and usually also an editor - that the coverage is newsworthy. Then, after that hurdles is passed (and it is a large one at that ) the communications professional has hope that the coverage is positive and flattering.

But since the invent of the Internet, everybody that wants to be a journalist can function as a journalist. There are tens of million of blogs on the web, not to mention the hundreds of millions of social media posts that happen each day. Everybody has a voice. Even if that voice is heard by a small group of friends, it has the potential to be passed along and looked up via a Google search by anyone at any time.

Those who work in PR have learned, and are still learning, how to use this new technology to the advantage of individuals and companies. After all, now there are many, many more outlets where positive information can be disseminated and a PR pro is not limited to just one major newspaper or a handful television and radio stations to promote a product or a cause.

That said, the flip side is the potential for misinformation, rumors and even blatant lies to find itself on the Internet. How does one control what is said about them or their company when everybody with a laptop and Internet connection can post whatever they want? Well, they can't.

It is a two-edged sword. While pre-Internet, PR people had to prove the newsworthiness and veracity of a story, which can be difficult, at least there was someone who would tact check before information found itself into the public arena. Yes, there have always been irresponsible and over zealous media, yet there was some manner of control.

When talking about the Internet, the buzz word is usually transparency. But just because information is more difficult to hide or spin because there is so much information floating around, it doesn't mean that the transparency yields truthfulness.

The function of the PR professional in today's Internet world is not to spin, cover up of hide information, it is to make sure that what is out there is accurate and truthful. When an individual and corporation finds  itself in a crisis, the worst thing that can be done is to try to cover it up, as usually the consequences of a cover up are worse than the original (alleged ) misdeed.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Drop Shipping Company

Drop shipping is certainly one way to make cash for someone interested in the retail industry.

No Upfront Fees

One thing would-be retailers must do is find a company that does not charge upfront fees. There is no reason why you should have to pay upfront for goods you never have in your possession in order to sell the good, all retailer has to dot is showcase the wares of a company on website. Customers peruse the website, make a purchase and the retailer than tells the manufacturer to send the goods to the customer's address.

Finding A Manufacturer

Beginning the search for a drop shipping company involves looking for a list of companies that may be interested in doing business with you. This is where many prospective retailers fail. They spend a token sum acquiring a list of drop shipping companies, only to find that the list is out of date. The prospective retailer realizes this after phoning up these companies only to find that they are no longer in business. Even if the companies only to find that they are no longer in business. Even if the company is available and legitimate , it is likely that thousands of others interested in drop shipping will also have received the same list. This means competition with drop shipping companies perhaps taking advantage of this by charging up front payments.

The best way to find a good drop shipping companies that will not ask you to pay upfront is to do a lot of research. First of all, you need to know  exactly what it is you want to sell. There are countless options so pick a specific niche and stick to it. For example, if you wish to sell books, go to bookstores and find out names of the book publishers Contact them directly and ask if they drop ship their goods. Some will explain that they are not interested which is fine because no further time will be wasted. Some organizations may never have heard of the concept and will be interested. This is an ideal scenario as you can be their flagship retailer. Other companies will be familiar with the term and will tell they are ready to do business.

Drop shipping is an ideal solution for both retailer and manufacturer. For the retailer , there is little or no risk because they have no upfront cash invested if the venture. They try and snare customers and send order details to the manufacturer. The main cost is the amount it takes it start up the website. The company is happy because they have an extra salesman who dies not command a salary, only commission. The goods remain stocked in their warehouse and they have control of delivery. They also benefit from additional exposure due to the existence of the sales website. When performed by professionals, drop shipping is an extremely lucrative venture. 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Non Profit Organization And Advertisement

Video is an  important part of communication for profit and non profit organization. Better cheaper, and more mobile video production equipment is undoing many of the barriers that previously prevented many non-profit from taking full advantage of video communications.

Producing and effective video for a non profit organization can be effective if you keep the story brief. Focus on how your organization has helped individuals in the community. A compelling story will capture the audience and they will be able to relate to the message, therefor they might be willing to volunteer or contribute funds. Many non-profits provide so much value to the community and are restricted by budget. Set out a goal that you want to produce a well produced video that will tell the story about your organization. Ask the community and volunteers for help.

The story doesn't have to be a Hollywood blockbuster, but should convey a well produced video. In order to save money on a budget for a video production, try to use volunteers or others in the community as interviewers, or to help write the script or other production processes. Don't be afraid to approach a video production company. Some will work with you because they might believe in the cause. You will need some sort of a budget in order to create something that is professional, but some of the background work can be completed by volunteers. You can also use the video after the production online on You Tube to help promote your organization.

Another option is to produce a 30 second public service spot to promote your organization. You can also host this on you You Tube and other video sites and on your own site. Try to contact local television stations in your area and see if they would be interested in airing your spot for free or at a reduced cost. The public service spot should also convey a clear message of what your organization. A good story once again will entice the viewer to interact with your website and made contact with your organization to donate or volunteer their services.

In review non profit marketing can be just as effective as profit making organizations, the techniques are very similar. Using the non-profit organizations resources, good planning and utilizing the web, your non-profit will hopefully gain new prospects that will join or donate.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

MLM Tips for Your Success

The MLM prosperity have very diligently worked, trained, and practiced the techniques and strategies that promise results in this industry. Follow these MLM tips if you truly want victory in your business.

MLM Tip are as under :
  •   Find Great Leadership
It is imperative that you find leader that can and will show you the right steps to take in this industry. Locate somebody who has achieved the same results you desire in business. Dissect what they did to get what they have. Then, follow their success. It won't work.
  • Business is Real Business
Take your MLM seriously. You may not have spent a million dollars on your business, but if you put in the time, it can pay you million. This is why network marketing  is such an amazing opportunity. Take advantage of it!
  • Massive Success is Not Duplicable
This one may be the most important of MLM tips. It's true. Duplication on a massive scale is a myth in the network marketing industry. Do what you must do to build your business as fast and large as possible. Take whatever action is required of you to produce your own results whether or not it can be easily duplicated.
Throughout this process leaders will reveal themselves. You will know you have a leader when somebody in your network produces results. This may be with or without your aid.
  •  Leads, Leads, More Leads
Need I say more? Ok, I'll elaborate. Many people will never understand getting paid on the efforts of others, the concept of leverage, or even the idea of building a large organization is beyond their grasp. You must find ways to generate tons of leads for your MLM. Leads are simply the heartbeat of your business. And I don't mean just your friends and family. I'm talking tons of laser targeted leads begging to join your business.
  •   Attraction Marketing Lead Generation System (the secret is out!)

Learn ways to integrate attraction marketing so you and your team can get into profits as quickly as possible. A good system will give you a multitude of ways to create income regardless if a prospect or lead joins your in your business. With an attraction marketing system your team will enter a profit situation much faster and will be generating leads to build their business. This is how amazing MLM results are created.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tactic Sales and Negotiations, Communication Need

When we start a sales negotiation, we heave certain expectation about how it's going to go. If we're selling somethings, then we believe that the other side will state what they are interested in buying, we'll have some discussions and we'll eventually provide them with a proposal. We then expect them to react to the proposal and that's when the real negotiating starts. However, what happens if they don't react at all...?

The "Hurry up And Wait" Tactic

 As negotiating tactics go, the "hurry up and wait" tactic is actually pretty simple. The basic idea is that the side of the table that is doing the buying takes over control of the pace of the negotiations. Once they do that, they are now in the driver's seat.

The selling side of the table has certain expectations in regards to what next step in the negotiating process is and when that step will occur. When the seller takes control of the pace of the negotiations, they can change the tempo and this will cause distress for the seller.

A common way to employ the "hurry up and wait" tactic is to start the negotiations with and air of immediacy. Everything is rush, rush, rush. Discussions are held, requirements are gathered, and finally a proposal is made. Then nothing.

As the seller side of the table sits and waits for the next step in the process to occur (a response to their proposal), they will start to grow more  anxious as nothing happens. The amount of time that is passing and the lack of feedback will serve to make them doubt that their proposal was a good proposal - especially if there are other sellers involved in the negotiations.

When the buyer side finally starts the negotiations up again, the seller side will be so grateful for any communications that they will be willing to make concessions in order to keep the negotiating process going.

This start-stop -start process can be used by the buyer side over and again. As time stretches on, the seller side will become more and more disoriented and therefore more vulnerable to making poor concession decisions.

How to Counter The "Hurry Up And Wait Tactic"

The "hurry up and wait" tactic is a powerful negotiating tactic that puts much of the power during a negotiation into the hands of the buying side of the table. It is difficult to counter, but there are steps that you can take.

The most important step that you can take is to realize what is going on. Once you recognize that the "hurry up and wait" tactic is being used on you, you'll be better situated to respond to it. Your first step should be to notify the rest of rest of your company about what is going  on - this will remove much of the pressure that they would otherwise place on you to warp the negotiations up quickly.

Your next step is to search for ways to negate the use of the "hurry up and wait" tactic. What you need to find is a motivation for the other side to move faster. If the item that is being negotiated is in limited supply or if there are potential delivery issues, you have the option of informing the other side of this. They are more than welcome to take as much time as they want; however, let them know that what they are negotiating for may not be available if they delay for too long!

What All Of  This Means For You

During sales negotiation, there are expectations as to what the pace of the negotiation will be. The buyer controls the pace to a great extent and if they decide to do so they can use "hurry up and wait" tactic.

By alternating the pace of the negotiations from fast to slow to fast again, the buyer can wear the seller out and induce anxiety. This can causes the seller to start to doubt their price and therefore end up lowering it just to stay in the game.

Sellers need to keep their eyes open in order to detect when this tactic is being used. There is no clear-cut defense against it; however, being aware that it's being used is a good start. Sales negotiators who can detect when "hurry up and wait" tactic is being used will be better prepared to roll with it and still end up getting a good deal.

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Path to a Successful Cataloge Printing and Design

Catalog printing is a well-oiled machine that , when executed properly, can mean the bulk of sales during any particular time period. Everybody has their own way of building catalog printing that matches the needs of their company, whether you're selling shoes, sporting equipment or hiking accessories. These tactics should always differentiate from the last, although there is a certain basic formula for what to include if you want to elicit the type of marketing response that brings in more dollars.

 A Total Cover

What this means is to put your best efforts on the font of your catalog printing. Your cover should be the most noticeable page in the entire piece. Why? It's because that is what you will use to attract customers when they see it sitting on a shelf in your store. Most of the time you'll see a brightly colored photograph and background, big bold lettering with the name of the business of an added bonus it the reader takes a peek inside. Make sure it's glossy too to give off a good shine .

Table of Contents

This is crucial for helping your customers understand where to go to find exactly what they're looking for in your catalog printing. It sounds like a no-brainier, but in reality some companies get this horribly wrong. Make sure each page goes to its  intended destination and that it's entirely readable top to bottom. Failure to double and triple check this is possible grounds for confusion and a quick discarding.

Easily Navigable Pages

Are your pages easy to read and internalize? Do they direct you further past simply looking at an item, its price and other dynamics? If you can help the flow of the content in order to connect a customer's dots from one place the next, then you've done a superb jog.

Order Form

This is the most important interior page because it ushers a person into making a purchase with your company
Catalog printing has one goal in mind for most business owners: to instigate revenue. Your customers should always find it easy to place an order and be satisfied with the result as well.

Web Site /Contact Information

Companies nowadays don't have much if they don't have a web site that's easily accessible.Make your online presence known with a few redirect strategically placed in your catalog printing  to help your customers find more ways to experience the wonder of your offerings and other affiliates.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lean Six Sigma Training

The lean process contains one of the basic Six Sigma strategies pertaining to the identification and elimination of extraneous and useless steps in a process . By adhering to principles of Lean, a business or organization will solve problems that hinder the streamlining of manufacturing methods, enhance quality, retain customers, and attract new customers to their existing base. Lean methods are implemented within the structure of the DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve and control) and supplemented with other valuable Six Sigma tools. The key to understanding Lean practices is to understand the overlaying goal of reducing waste in whatever form it exists with a business.

Courses Required for Certificate

Five basic areas of knowledge are explored in a good Lean training course. These areas are:
  • Control Processes 
  • process Improvement 
  • Data Analysis and Root Cause Identification
  • Measuring and Collecting Data
  • Defining and Prioritizing Problems
A subset of the data analysis/root cause identification subject, for example, would be with something called the "5-Why analysis". This tool is utilized to ignore symptoms of the problem by getting to the true issue of a problem and its reason for existing. The 5-Why Analysis is called this because the Lean trainee is supposed to ask "why " five consecutive times. The idea behind this considers the rational assumption that by the time someone is asking "why?" for the 4th or 5th time, they have methodically reached the real causes of the problem which, nine times out of ten, is related to the inability of management to understand the Lean principle regarding efficiency and quality control systems analysis.

Brainstorming Procedures

Along with a Lean, DFSS certification, Six Sigma Green Belt training courses also emphasize the technique of brainstorming, or procedural creative thinking. As a team-oriented activity, brainstorming is meant to solve a problem by stating and writing if down before the start of the session. A Lean-qualified individual will know how to direct the meeting and its members in the most effective way using flowcharts, ensuring that everyone has common understanding of the issue, and asking each mall team what sort of idea the have regarding this issue. No criticism is permitted during a brainstorming session and the leader is the only one who record idea as they emerge form various teams. The concept behind this exercise is to allow any ideas, no matter how off-topic they may be, to flow naturally in order to promote "outside the box" thinking.