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Friday, March 29, 2013

Maybe You Feel Confused Life Priorities

You may ponder the complexities and maybe even some chaos in your life.You might struggle to figure out what's next. Maybe you feel confused at times about which way to go. Have you thought about setting your life priorities to make your life easier? Have you ever thought of Life Coaching to achieve your life's goals?

When you're struggling to determine what's important to you, it's hard to make decisions.

What will you do next? Where will you go for the evening? Who will you choose to pass the time with?

Feeling torn between two or more people, places and things is common if you haven't yet identified your priorities. After all, when you consider everything and everyone in your life as all-equal in terms of their "level" of importance, it's going to be tough to choose what to do next.

Setting your life priorities is a way of identifying what's most important to you. Once you determine your priorities, you'll be pleased with the ease of making decisions and the serenity that comes with knowing you did the right thing.

Establishing priorities also gives you a clearer focus on how to allot your time. If you allot the bulk of your time to doing what's most important with the most important people in your life, you'll feel more fulfilled and satisfied with your life experiences.

Common Life Priorities

What might your priorities be? The possibilities are endless. In the list below, you'll find many common priorities in no particular order. Feel free to use the list as inspiration to help you figure out your own priorities.

Extended family
Personal appearance
Health and physical exercise/activities
Nutritious eating
"Alone-time" with partner
Quality time with the children
Playing games on the Internet
Talking on the phone
Watching television

Example of a "Prioritized" Listing of Life Priorities

The whole idea of setting priorities is to put the many elements of your life into an order, with those that are most important to you at the top. Knowing your highest priority on the list is necessary in order to make focused, wise decisions that are right for you.

Consider this next list, which is prioritized, as an example of some one's life priorities (in order).

Alone-time with partner
Health and physical exercise
Nutritious eating
Watching television
Personal appearance
Hobbies - movies and reading

Coming Up With Your Own Priorities

Setting your priorities in life may take time and effort. However, taking the time to reflect on your day-to-day life and determine what's on the top of your list will make your life so much easier. Once your priorities are clear to you, decisions on how to spend your time and with who will be a cinch.

Engaging in this exercise of figuring out your priorities might reveal some things that shock or surprise you.

For example, you might realize that you're spending most of your time hanging out with friends even though you feel that your family is more important. Or you aren't taking as much care with your kids as you thought you were.

Regardless of what you discover that you weren't expecting, setting your priorities now will help you limit or even remove the less-important elements of your life and enable you to focus more fully on what means the most to you.

You can live more joyfully by setting your life priorities. Knowing what's important to you and devoting your time to those things at the top of your list will ensure you experience an enriched and fulfilled life.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Comes To Working Online Jobs

When it comes to working online, it's going to be very hard to prove your skills and therefore getting your first job can be really challenging and it's a daunting task.

Therefore, if you're planning on working online, it would be wise to build some sort of portfolio before you begin applying as you'd only get rejections which in turn would dampen your spirits and in the long run you would give up.

You could use a search engine in order to find the job of your dreams or you could just sign up at a few websites which would help you find the right clients and jobs. There are plenty of things that you would need to keep in mind when searching for a job online and some of them include:
Confine your search to a locality

If you're just searching for a job online rather than working online you would need to choose a locality to work in. Therefore, the first step in that case would be limiting your search to a fixed area.

Pick a certain niche

These days everyone has a lot of skill and there are plenty of jobs that you would be able to complete successfully. However, when you're searching for a job it would be wise to pick the niches that you've got the most experience in as this would be

the easiest category to get your first job

Once you've gained the necessary exposure and feedback you would find it easier to move into other lines of work as you've already got a small client base.

Don't bother paying a fee

When searching for a job you may come across a few sites that ask you to pay a fee in order to sign up and post your proposals. There are just a few legit sites that charge you, most of them have both free and premium options.

However, if you're going to have to pay an upfront fee it would be wise to check out reviews of the site in order to make sure that it is legit.

Boast about your experience

If you've got prior experience either working online or offline boast of it in your resume as this is going to help you out a lot.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Your Choice And Get A Travel Job

You've still got plenty of opportunities to secure yourself a travel job. But there are definitely a few ways that you can boost your chances...

Work experience

As with most industries, securing some good work experience is definitely time well spent. These can vary massively (both in terms of length and quality), but if you're given the opportunity to do some in-depth work for a fortnight, then it will definitely make a difference to your CV.

If work experience isn't enough for you, then look for the chance to be an intern. The real difference here is that interns often end up being employed at the company if they perform well. No pressure now...


It's often been said, but the travel sector really is a small industry. Knowing someone high up at a respected company can put you one step closer to getting a travel job, and the best way to make these contacts is to network.

While it might initially seem daunting to introduce yourself to successful businessmen, the wonders of the internet (namely LinkedIn) have now taken away much of that fear. Be friendly and professional, but don't pester them - think about the kind of message that you would be likely to respond to if you were in their position.

Careers fairs

Another brilliant opportunity to network is the traditional careers fair. Not only will this let you check out the latest selection of travel jobs, it also gives you the opportunity to speak to recruiters and employers in the industry. Take this chance. There aren't many situations where you're sure that you have an opportunity to impress employers, so don't miss this opening. You can even treat it as a mini job interview - dress smartly, ensure that you make a good first impression and take a real interest in the company.


If you know which type of travel job you want, read up on all the specifics of it so that you know exactly what it entails. Take a look at tourism magazines, career forums, LinkedIn profiles etc, and build up an image in your head of the skills that you would need to be successful in that job and what an employer is looking for. Having a clear idea of what it takes to succeed in a particular job will help you tailor your CV and plan ahead for any potential interview.
Also, try talking to friends or family to see if they know of anyone in the industry. If they do, see if you can arrange a meeting or a call so that you have a better understanding of the sector. (And, obviously, a family connection is a massive tick in the "networking" box.)

Start your own business

Yep, it's scary. But if you really can't convince anyone to give you a travel job, then why not be your own boss? It may be risky, but many, many people have done it successfully in the past and many more will in the future. Don't jump into it, but if you have a unique idea for a business and real determination to make it work.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

How To Productivity, Profits Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is the achieve a goal. The discovery of productivity and profits driving by employee fulfillment is causing a global surge among companies to transform their corporate cultures by strategically and intentionally assuming social responsibility for their communities and the environment. And concealed in this corporate transformational surge are seven critical human factors for the potential of successful employee engagement in social responsibility.

Successful CSR strategies will always be marked by action.

Driven by a Triple Bottom Line

As a recent shift in how companies view success, the Triple Bottom Line is an invention that reflects the specific outcomes for what has become known in the business world as the balanced scorecard that measures social, environmental, and economic success. Behind this idea lies the fundamental principle that what companies measure is what they can predictably expect to get, because what companies measure is what they are likely to pay most attention to.

It is being proven that when companies measure their social and environmental footprint they become better as socially and environmentally responsible global citizens. Yet in spite of this, many companies continue to overlook the tremendous opportunities to identify and take advantage of the vast marketing potential there for the taking should they encourage, empower and engage their local employees within the local communities where they live and do business together.


The first place to focus in the Triple Bottom Line

Studies evaluating and measuring the various effects of employee behavior in the work place are overwhelmingly confirming that there are tremendous benefits to a company when its leaders maximize the overall employment conditions for its workers. "The more engaged employees are, the more productive and effective they are," said John Palguta, vice president of policy at the nonprofit Partnership for Public Service. "It's the 'well, duh' finding. If you've got folks who are disengaged, who don't like their bosses, who don't like their work, who just come to their job to pick up their paycheck, they're probably not giving you their best effort."

Employees want to have an authentic measure of their unique identity expressed within a corporate environment.

Conceived as a business management concept, Employee Engagement is a measurable degree of an employee's positive or negative emotional attachment to their job, colleagues and organization that profoundly influences their willingness to learn and perform at work.

Clearly, all studies point to the people in every company as the starting place for developing effective social
responsibility initiatives. It's your people - your employees - who are the "H" factor determining the outcomes of your company's overall market and social influence in the community where you do business.Market trends and success in corporate sector.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Unique Glass Selection To Your Home

Your good selection to brightness home and more spacious people immediately assume you are talking about the use of windows or doors, but this isn't always the case. Whilst adding a large sliding door to an exterior wall will undoubtedly bring more light into the room there are other methods that can be used as well.

Glass Furniture - The use of glass as part of the furnishing of your home or office has grown dramatically in the past decade as people have realised the benefits it brings. glass table tops are usually slim line which adds to the sense of space in a room, and the glass top reflects the light beautifully. You could also try adding mirrors to rooms that are particularly small or dark to help increase the sense of light and space.

Glass Countertops and splash backs - These are proving increasingly popular in both kitchens and bathrooms, and are even being used on vanity units within bedrooms. once again these are perfect for reflecting light around a room.
Glass block walls - if you have a room with no windows consider creating a glass block wall to allow light to filter through from another room. Glass blocks let the light through whilst maintaining privacy so are perfect to use within any area of your home.Glass walls - If you are an outdoor lover and really want to bring the
outside in then you could consider creating glass walls within your home, or installing large bi-fold doors which can be completely opened up letting the outside in. These huge expanses of glass will allow the maximum amount of light possible into your home creating a brighter and more spacious interior.

There really are no limits when it comes to glass these days, and it is possible to get what your heart desires when it comes to using glass within the interior of your home. If you wish to install any of these features within your own home then the best place to start is by finding a company who can provide what you want and asking for their advice. Also consider that for some glass installations you may need planning permission, especially if the work will involve making structural changes to your home.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Description Farmland

Farmland Definition and question is What is a farmland?

Farmland is a block of land on which seeds can be planted and grown. Land specifically used for agricultural purposes in the raising of crops or livestock is called agricultural farmland. It is one of the main resources in agriculture.

Agricultural land is divided into 3 main components:

· Arable land: Block under which annual crops, such as cereals, potatoes, vegetables, and melons are grown.
· Permanent Crops: Fruit plantations such as Orchards and vineyards.
· Permanent Pastures: Areas for natural grasses and grazing of livestock, such as Meadows and pastures.

The first two components - arable land and land in permanent crops - constitute the cultivable land. The part of arable land actually under crops is called sown block or cropped block. The term farmland is ambiguous in the sense that it may refer, on the one hand, to agricultural land and, on the other hand, to cultivable or even only arable land.

Depending on the use of artificial irrigation, agricultural land is divided into irrigated and non-irrigated type. In arid and semi-arid countries agriculture is often confined to irrigated land, with very little farming possible in non-irrigated or rain fed areas.

Agricultural land constitutes only a part of any country's territory, which in addition also includes areas not suitable for agriculture, such as forests, mountains, and inland water bodies. Agricultural land covers 33% of the world's land area, with arable land representing less than one-third of agricultural land (9. 3% of the world's land area).

In geography and agriculture, arable land is land that can be used for growing crops. It includes all land under annual crops (double-cropped areas are counted only once), temporary meadows for mowing or market and kitchen gardens and land temporarily fallow (less than five years).

Block which is unsuitable for farming usually has at least one of the following deficiencies: no source of fresh water; too hot (desert); too cold (Arctic); too rocky; too mountainous; too salty; too rainy; too snowy; too polluted; or too nutrient poor. Clouds may block the sunlight hence reducing productivity plants need for photosynthesis. Starvation and nomads often exists on marginally cultivable land. Non-arable land is sometimes called wasteland, badlands, worthless or no man's land.

Farmland prices have been driven to an all-time high by good commodity prices and low interest rates, but there's an uncertainty about how long it will last. Due to nonstop deforestation even arable land has turns into wastelands. The price of farmland has rocketed sky high over the last two years, with growth rates similar to those seen in prime residential property in central London. Hence farmland prices remain uncertain.Farmland business time to time change.

Monday, March 18, 2013

A promotional Force with Printed Flags, Banners

 A forecourt as part a forecourt as part of their daily operations. Car dealerships, car washes, petrol forecourts, retail parks and companies are just a small number of organizations who can take advantage of an outdoor area to increase shop foot traffic, sales and brand awareness. These areas are vital in the perception of the business as a whole, especially for organizations who rely on greeting customers, making negotiations or closing deals outside. In order to achieve a thorough and professional image both indoors and out, there are a number of promotional materials and display possibilities, which can help to enhance the image of a business as a whole.

Status is important in business; if a client or customer believes that a company has a strong reputation and a sense of status, they will be more inclined to part with their money or pay for a service. Printed flags and flagpoles are a great way to make a business appear prestigious; their sense of majesty and grandeur makes
them a superb choice for businesses looking to spruce up a forecourt or the exterior of their premises. Flags can be printed with company logos, motto and contact numbers, and they can be used as a strong branding and promotional tool around all outdoor areas. They can be fitted to the side of a building or stand tall in the ground as a welcoming symbol into the business.
It is also important to keep a consistent and ever-present sense of branding around the premises. This can come in the form of small touches such as printed bunting with company logos, exterior poster cases which contain useful promotions or information, or even small keepsakes that customers can take with them such as pens or keyring. These constant references help to reinforce and emphasise a brand and they extend this branding beyond simply the four walls of the organisation's building.
Printed banners are also a promotional method which can be used outdoors. Large exterior PVC banners can provide information for existing customers or can be used to attract the attention of potential new clients with exciting deals or eye-catching designs. Their outdoor credentials include durable outdoor frames with extra support and weight, as well as printed graphics on PVC which will not succumb to wind or rain. These all-weather banners are a strong promotional tool and a way to underscore the ethos of a business; reliable and professional with a hint of steely determination. Flashing banners attract to customers.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Accurate Payroll In An Organization

Main step of One of the most important parts of running a company is having accurate payroll. Because employees are the oil that lubricates the machine of your organization, keeping their paychecks flawless will keep that oil flowing. Not only that, it will keep the internal revenue service and your certified public accountant from having a meltdown, as well.

Employees work for money 99% of the time. There may be an occasional millionaire who does it because he or she believes in your product or service, but let's face it: people need money to live and that's why they get jobs. Your workers may love you and be loyal to your company but if you mess with their paychecks, they're going to be unhappy campers. This means that you have to pay them a fair salary, get the payroll done on time, and take out the exact amount of taxes. Because the tax part can be complicated and the rules change every year, it's best to hire an accounting service to help you with this detail.

The Internal Revenue Service is a worthy organization that does its part for our country. But let's face it; the people who work there are not exactly laid back. They don't like the "good enough" method of adding and subtracting. No, they are exacting types who thrive on accuracy. Even a penny off the mark when you pay your taxes is "wrong." If you botch your payroll taxes, you will be getting an angry letter or knock on your door until you remedy the situation. Part of the remedy will be paying fines which can add up to substantial amounts. A visit from the IRS agent is not a pleasant experience.

Having flawless payroll is a must when running a business. Calculating taxes and paying your hardworking employees the correct amounts are crucial tasks. If you want to keep your workers happy, the IRS off your company's back, and your certified public account smiling, hire an accounting service that specializes in bookkeeping. The budget allocation for this expense will be more than offset by peace of mind and smooth financial sailing for your company.Achievement and smooth running business accurate payroll is very important.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Financial Statement And Financial Tasks

You thought creating a financial statement could be such a tedious thing. But why is it so tedious, you ask? well, it can only be tedious it really hard to put interest on it.

Perhaps what you haven't realized yet is that understanding a bit of accounting and financial reporting can be very fulfilling. If you are eager, you will see the power coupled with knowing how number flow in your business. Don't worry , everything will come out right in the end because creating a financial statement is so rational and beautiful.

Here are simple steps for you to create a financial statement:

Step 1: Watch out where the money flows.

The sole purpose of a financial statement is to show you the money. It shows you where the organization's money came from and where it was spent. List your required expenses. And to see clearly the path your money has taken, you should also list non-essential expenses like social outings, subscriptions or cleaning services.

Step 2: Create a series of Excel spreadsheets.

Start making columns for the financial report. This includes a column that points each type of financial component. A vital financial report includes a section for assets and one for liabilities. In some cases, these two columns can be broken down into more detail. For example, assets can be divided into sub columns to show property, miscellaneous holdings and outstanding receivables.

Step 3: Keep a separate expense category in an annual statement for Income Tax Payable and other dues.

If there are any bizarre occurrences or unexpected expenses in the period you are documenting, add categories for "extraordinary gains" or losses, for events and dealings that are unpredicted or rare, such as repair from a natural disaster. If there is an expense that has no category, there should still be room on the bottom to add one.

 Step 5: Place the total amount of sales in the appropriate space on the spreadsheet.

Most managers choose to exclude cash sales from accounts that pay monthly.

Step 6: Deduct the expenses from the total amount of cash sales and monthly receipts.

You do this to identify your profit. At the end of the year, an annual financial report is now easy to create, based on the monthly financial report. This profit and loss statement will assist you in obtaining financing.

Step 7: Collect the financial records together.

This will contain all information about existing liabilities that were not remunerated throughout the period and any receivables that were not received as of the cut-off date for the report. All known assets, including property and other holdings, also should be compiled into a simple listing.

These steps should deal successively with the elements that enter into your spreadsheet. Much of these may appear elementary and indeed analysis of financial statements is a simple matter. But you have to be careful along the way because there might be still pitfalls that you need to recognize and guard against.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Alcoholism Or Drug Abusers

The alcoholics and drug abusers, based upon the experience of the trainers at DOT Supervisor Compliance Training Department. You may come across some of these situations at your workplace while confronting alcoholics and drug abusers, such as:

1. "I haven't had a drink since last night!"
Employees with high tolerance to alcohol may have their last drink late at night and still be under the influence next morning. Don't let this statement convince you that reasonable suspicion testing is unnecessary.

2. "It's mouthwash."
If you get the smell of alcohol from their breath, then you can verify it for reasonable suspicion testing. It might be a mouthwash, or may not be. This is one of the most common excuses and most DOT awareness training programs exclude this information.

3. "It's medicine!"

Same as above; it might be medicine or maybe alcohol. If it smells like alcohol, you can document it, even if the driver states that what you smell is not what you think it is.

4. "I have used it."
It may happen sometimes that an employee admits to have used drugs or alcohol and it should be tested. Their honesty means, they need help.

5. "It will ruin my career."
If an employee manages to convince you that reasonable suspicion testing will be harmful to their career and their life, means that you are indirectly supporting them to do so. The Supervisor Compliance Training Department Online course mentions that a supervisor's job is to make them understand; testing saves the employee's life and others too.

6. "Do I look drunk to you?"
Most drug and alcohol addicts usually have the ability to consume large quantities and still appear un-intoxicated. So if you smell alcohol in their breath make sure to document it for reasonable suspicion testing.

7. "It's okay, I'm taking treatment."
Employees with unmanageable or untreated addiction problem often understand better about their problem than others. They know what should be done to treat their illness, but still don't. Sudden awareness or motivational talk is usually to manipulate you and convince that they don't need testing.

8. "Let's wait and see. This is for the first time."
If you wait to see if it happens again you'll be simply delaying it. If an accident occurs later, you'll be blaming yourself for not acting when there was a chance. The program at DOT Supervisor Compliance Training Department specifically addresses the issue of supervisors who don't have the guts to face a bully in the workplace.

9. "Let's keep it between ourselves, we're friends aren't we?"
Don't be sympathetic and hide your employee's problem. Moreover, if you are friends with the offender, and if you socialize and drink with him, you will face a challenge in recommending reasonable suspicion testing. A true friend will put his job security ahead of such friendships when alcoholism or drug abuse facilitates a crisis at work and personal life.

The Supervisor Compliance Training Department Online and live courses are the best programs for DOT awareness training.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Top Mystery Shopping Companies

Top mystery shopping companies also provide competitor analysis reports which will let you know your exact position in terms of strengths, weaknesses and possible opportunities.

Direct evaluation of customer interaction skills

You might think that you already have systems in place which help you evaluate the skills and

customer interaction quality of your employees. However the results visible in a performance
management audit or a service evaluation are not 100% reliable.

Most employees will brush up their skill sets and be super careful during audits that they are already aware of. Mystery shoppers have the capacity of delivering realistic reports to you as they place random calls or make unexpected visits to your service centre.

As employees are not aware that there is an evaluation going on they behave in a realistic and natural way. Most professional mystery shoppers will give you video/ audio records as feedback of the quality of interaction and you can directly evaluate the performance of your employees.

Strict quality control

If you improve the quality of customer experiences delivered by your employees, you are sure to boost your bottom lines. Better experiences will encourage existing customers by spreading the good word around by positive word of mouth.

Mystery shoppers offer you the unique opportunity of developing a great way to control the quality of customer service provided by your business. The reports submitted by your hired shoppers will help you identify the weaknesses and strengths of your team. You will also be able to identify opportunities for improvement.

Refinement of sales skills and enhanced service quality are two important benefits of providing training based on feedback provided by your mystery shoppers.

An unbiased viewpoint

Managers often make the common mistake of asking their friends to conduct mystery shopping expeditions for their company.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Improve Internal Communication In Your Business

A great job of communication internally with employee. The staff needs to understand management's goals. Management in turn, needs to understand what the employees must to know in order to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. Everyone must keep the channels of communication flowing between the clients, vendors and the staff since the business is the conduit.

Communication within a business takes many forms. Just as a business owner will have a plan for their business goals, they should have a plan for their communication goals. It is a good idea to write down how the business will internally communicate all the information that needs to be distributed. Each business will have their own set of rules and regulations regarding what to communicate and how it should be done.

Information will have various degrees of importance and urgency. Also, some issues are easily understood and others will take time to understand, resolve and implement.

Keep the Lines Open
Management and staff should match the proper mode of communication with the information that needs to be sent in order to maximize impact. For example, articles or bulletins are best circulated on a routing slip throughout the office. Overall staff, department or management meetings should be used to cover the current key issues impacting the business or department. These meetings tend to be the main channel of communication between management and staff for most agencies. It should, however, be just one of the many arrows in the communication quiver.

Why Staff Meetings Fail - When a business owner is informed that the staff believes that there is a lack of communication, they often can't believe it because they have weekly staff meetings that last one to two hours. Unfortunately, quantity does not replace quality.

Staff meetings can often end up being a dumping session. Management dumps information on the staff and the staff dumps problems on management. What to do with that information is rarely discussed and issues are not usually resolved during the meeting.

The valuable information disclosed in staff meetings is often only through one-way communication. The staff is told what the customers or vendors are doing or what new program management is focusing on. This is important information and needs to be disseminated and properly discussed. Management, however, provides the staff only with the "headlines" and does not work with the staff on how this will impact them.

The staff usually gets to talk at the end of the meeting when management asks if there are any questions or comments. Typically, this ends up being dominated by the same people who like to talk about their problems. Management then takes their concerns under advisement and will supposedly report back later.

Employees should be required to come with a possible solution to the problem they want to discuss and not just use meetings to dump problems on management. Employees need to be pro-active throughout the communication process and management needs to establish and live up to high communication standards.

The first step in setting up an effective staff meeting is to set an agenda for each meeting. Meetings should be held on a regular basis and at a time that will not be a distraction. Usually early morning during the midweek is best. The meetings should last no longer than one hour.

The agenda needs to clearly spell out the key issues to be discussed including input from the staff. Everyone should see the agenda before the meeting, including copies of any supporting material, such as articles or action plans. The purpose of posting the topics before the meeting is to allow time for everyone to reflect on the key issues and start to think how it will impact the business and themselves.

Typically, when brand new information is brought up in a staff meeting, the employees think of the impact after the meeting. They feel that since their opinion was not heard it does not seem to matter. This is the nucleus of the feelings that employees have about the lack of communication in the business.

Employees resent when management makes changes that affect them, yet they were not consulted. Many times, the employee understands the issues better than the manager that makes the changes. Exploit the knowledge of the employees.

Management and staff both need to be prepared prior to the meeting to discuss the key issues. Meetings are much more effective when all the attendees know what will be discussed and what the goals are for that meeting. The biggest time waster in meetings is when new or side issues are brought up and the facts or objectives are not known.

When management has news regarding the vendors, regulations, customer service issues, etc., they need to clearly understand the following before the meeting: 1) what was happening in the past, 2) why is there a change, 2) who will be impacted by the change, 3) what is the plan for implementing the change, who is responsible and what is the time frame.

If an employee has an issue they want to bring up, it should be added to the agenda. It is their responsibility to collect the facts and to perform the first analysis before the meeting. Again, all issues brought up by anyone must have an initial solution at the  same time, otherwise it should not be added to the agenda.
The standard format for discussing each issue should include the introduction, time for discussion and an agreement on what the next step will be. If the problem needs more than a few minutes to resolve, then an individual or committee needs to be appointed with a date scheduled to report back.

All employees that attend seminars, conventions and association meetings must provide the group that would benefit from the information, a summary of the event. This way the valuable information one person learned is now imparted on the rest of the staff.

The open discussion period in a meeting should be short and limited to any accomplishments made or any lessons learned since the last meeting. Problems not on the agenda should be deferred to the next meeting, until the proper procedure is followed.

If the business is large enough, each department, such as sales meetings, manufacturing, administration, etc., should hold separate staff meetings. Issues and problems unique to any department should be addressed by that department's meeting rather then the general staff meeting. The frequency of general staff meetings should be reduced if department meetings are held.

The Forest and the Trees

Let everyone in the business know the big picture of the business. Management needs to circulate the business plan and the sales and marketing goals. Sensitive detail can be omitted, but the staff needs to know the overall vision of management.

Employees like to know that their efforts are going to a greater good. They need to see that there is an ultimate goal in mind and they are a part of the plan. Employees are more likely to do a better job when they know that they are needed and the direction they should take.

A separate meeting or retreat at least once a year with at least key managers and producers should be held to review these plans and discuss the current status of the business, where it is going and how it will get there.

Knowing the big picture also helps define the little pictures. Business goals need to be based on reasonable and attainable goals of the individuals of that business. The staff needs to know what management expects from them. The employee, however, should also set his or her own goals; otherwise it is management's goals not the employee's goals.

Individual goals, progress and shortfalls should be discussed in private at least twice a year. The annual review is the time when the goals are set, but a mid-year check-up is needed to keep the employee on track and management in the loop. The employee should understand that they should bring up any problems that are impacting their performance immediately and not wait until review time.

Communication Rules

Each business should have the following basic rule regarding communication. Each person is responsible for the proper, timely and efficient transfer of his or her communication. The staff is not excused because they were afraid to talk to management. Management is not forgiven because they did not have the time to listen to staff or properly analyze the issue.

In a business, just like in personal and social situations, poor or misunderstood communication is the root of most problems. Even the lack of communication is communicating something about the people or the circumstances. One needs to go back to the cause of a problem, not just the symptoms. Poor morale or unproductive workers is not the problem it is often the symptom of poor communication.


Successful firms have effective communication between employees, management, vendors and clients. Very little time is wasted repeating information or correcting errors that result from poor communication.

Great communication skills can be learned. An easy path in the direction of learning these skills is to set up a system where everyone in the firm understands how communication will take place. Staff meetings are one step along that path. So, learn to communicate effectively and watch your success grow!

Bill Scheduler is a business consultant and coach with 20 years of experience working with small business owners and individuals.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Invest And Digital Media Companies

The Internet global growing trend is continuing to expand exponentially and at an alert pace with no signs of  slowing down for the next few years. The trends noticed on the online content market are showing a strong global growth in the number of the Internet and digital media users, a growing number of the mobile (smart phones) Internet users, a strong growth in using broadband, a fast worldwide implementation of the desktop and mobile Web 2.0 standard and a strong growth in using  social networking. This strong global growth of the Internet creates great opportunities for companies active in fields such as technology and media.

 Directly connected with the digital material growth are the gains in the online advertising industry. If only considering the US online advertising numbers, we notice a continuing growing trend, from 4% in 2002, to 10% in 2007 and 17% in 2012. Digital media companies and online news companies are catching the opportunity and they are developing fast. For example, an online news company such as such as Business Insider generated $4.8 million in revenue in 2010, mostly from advertising. Also, according to Google Analytics, Business Insider has gained an impressive rise in traffic, generating around 8 million visitors in February 2011.
The e-commerce sector is another field showing strong grow trends. This includes all the online stores in general, but among them the fast growth is seen for the providers of digital products, such music or e-books. These digital items can be easily downloaded online and they don't involve managing an inventory or shipping costs.

Known also under the name of digital media, the digital content may take many forms, such as text, audio files, video files, animations, graphics (i.e. Coral Draw) and images. Usually the term digital content includes any information available for downloading or distribution on electronic media such as e-books, videos and movies, iTunes songs. Many professionals in the industry are considering that in general terms, digital content is anything that can be published.

The future of the digital content market seems bright. The era of the stand alone desktop PC is history already. The next generation applications are focusing more and more on the mobile Internet segment of the market. The rising in popularity of Smart phones, Tablet PCs and e-Readers screens makes that the consumer of media products is having now a wide choice of selection to look for digital content, beside the classical computer. To reach success in this field, the content creators have to design better ways to present content to the consumers, based on the audience target.

In this context, according to the investment strategists and the financial advisers, for people with capital to put in the financial markets investing in digital content is a smart choice at the moment. The most important investment opportunities in the digital content market are those connected with social networks' infrastructures, the special interest and ethnically oriented digital content, the interactive digital content and the digital content specialized on entertainment and socialization for the mobile Internet. New entry of 3G Communication and advance relation and connected people business and get to gather.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Business At Home With Family Support

When you work from home, especially a home business, your family plays a vital role in deciding if you will succeed or fail, so including them in the process, preferably right from the start, is essential.
If your spouse doesn't support you, the added stress combined with the pressure from daily life and starting your home business can affect your productivity, your energy levels, and your health. If your children don't understand that you need time to work despite being at home, you can find that they stop being a pleasure and become a severe burden.
There are fortunately several ways to involve your family, even if they aren't exactly happy about
your choices.

1. Have a Family Discussion

Before making the jump, and definitely before you quit your day job, talk to your family about your new career choice. If your spouse thinks you're ignoring his or her concerns, it could cause them to resent your business, and worry about the future.

By talking with your spouse and children, you can get them excited about the potential gains, discuss problems, and when necessary make compromises. If you have a proper business plan, customer research, short and long term goals, etc, you will go a long way to setting their minds at ease. This will also help you figure out what you have to do for your business.

2. Ask For Help

Most people like feeling important, asking your family for help in the right way will help make them feel this way.

When you are discussing things with your family, after you have laid everything out and talked about their main concerns, say something like, "I can do this on my own, but if you could help me with it will make things a lot easier."

You don't want to sound like your forcing them to help you, and don't give them the worst possible job either. Let your partner and children know that you would appreciate their help and it would make your life easier, but you are willing to take no for an answer.

3. Get Them Excited

Your family should want you to be happy, so get them excited by showing how excited you are.

With your children, talk about how you'll be working from home, so you can play with them, help them with their homework, and be there to talk to them when they need help.

For your spouse, talk about the potential money that will come in, how you'll be happy to look after the kids more, how excited you are that you won't be working with your horrible boss, etc. Don't over exaggerate things, you will be working so you won't have the home spotless at the end of the day, and you will have to tell your children to leave you alone sometimes. Things can also go wrong, so don't expect the money to roll in immediately. But by keeping it reasonable, and talking about the good side of working from home, you can get your family more optimistic about your career plan.

4. Have a Back Up Plan

If you are quitting your day job, or moving to part time work so that you can work at home, your spouse likely has one overriding concern, 'what if something goes wrong?'

Don't expect everything to go smoothly, emergencies will happen, customers can leave, or worse yet never arrive, and you could find yourself running out of money. Come up with a plan for when, not
if, when something goes wrong, then share it with your spouse.

Also ask your spouse for some worst case scenario's and come up with possible plans to solve them together. By letting your spouse know you're thinking of the problems and not letting yourself get blinded, he or she should feel a lot more secure with your choices.

If you can get your family on-board with you and your work at home dream your potential stress and frustration will be halved. So when you decide to change your career.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Different kind of Advertising Program To Your Dog Small Business

Different king of advertising your dog business is very important especially if your venture is still new or when you have several competitors. Social media sites like Pinterest can be considered the best alternative platforms for advertising today because of several factors like the large number of users or visitors, the elimination of geographic limitations, and the minimal costs required to take advantage of this opportunity.

How can Pinterest help promote your dog business?

First, it's worthy to note how large Pinterest is. Did you know that Pinterest is now larger than YouTube, Google+, Reddit, Digg, etc? Based on recent statistics, Pinterest is now ranked as the third largest social media website next to the social giants Facebook and Twitter; largest in terms of
regular visitors and page views. With this huge number of users and visitors, your dog business could reach a viable market that extends beyond your business' area or location.

The manner of promoting a business via Pinterest is quite simple. Your Pinterest account lets you share or "pin" posts or topics about your business which would become visible to all other users including the anyone on the internet. Compared to Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest presents a more organized way of showcasing interesting topics. Each pin is made of a thumbnail photo and a short summary or descriptions. So every pin that you create for your dog business eventually translates to a snapshot of the services you provide.

The benefits of using Pinterest for your dog business You can target a specific group or segment. From the name of this social media site itself, you are actually "pinning" or bookmarking an interesting topic about a particular niche. Thus, the good thing about Pinterest is that you can target specific viewers or groups like those dog lovers and pet owners.

Reach a market beyond your area. Perhaps, the most important benefit of using this social media site to advertise your dog business is to present and convince almost everyone to avail of your services. There are no limitations as to the area you could service.

It's fun and free to use. With Pinterest, you are not only advertising but also socializing and building your own network of friends. Additionally, you get all these benefits for free. It's free advertising with minimal efforts required.

Tips in harnessing the full potential or benefits of Pinterest for your dog business Choose the best photo that would represent each of your dog service. The main factor that would capture the interest of readers or visitors is the image that you pin. The photo should showcase your business and the wonderful results which could be derived from your service.

Build your network. Similar with all other networking sites, the most effective way of promoting your business on Pinterest is to build your network of friends. And in doing so, you should focus on groups that are interested on dogs or pets.

Pin quality topics about your business and do it regularly. To be able to use Pinterest, you have an external business page that could be pinned. When choosing a topic or post to pin, ensure that it is one of your best.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Personal protective equipment plays a very important

Every business owner has to make sure that they have all the necessary PPE equipment's in place to avoid any kind of emergency or injury. This equipment's refers to pads, shields, guards, masks, first aid kits etc. Protective equipment should be worn at all times for hazard related activities such as physical, electrical, chemical, airborne, heat and bio hazards.

PPE reduces the risk of employee exposure to hazardous activities and it is the responsibility of the employer to check that all equipment's are up to date and in excellent working condition. Thorough repeated check needs to be carried out on a daily basis in relation to the functioning of this equipment's as the employee is at risk of being exposed to any hazard if the equipment fails to work or operate.

An up to date and well-stocked first aid kit is very important for any business establishment. According to the HSC Approved Code of Practice, 'The contents of first aid containers should be examined frequently and should be restocked as soon as possible after use. Sufficient supplies should be held in a backup stock on site. Care should be taken to discard items safely after the expiry date has passed.'

PPE First Aid kit should contain the following items:

• First Response Kit- Standard contents sufficient to treat up to 10 people.
• Bio hazard Body Spills Clean up Single Application Pack- Clean up packs for containment and disposal of infectious organisms from body spills.
• Micro porous Tape- Multi-purpose paper tape which allows air to circulate for holding dressings and bandages which easily tears.
• Emergency Eyewash- Sterile saline solution eyewash with eye pads and mirror.
• Conforming Bandage- For secure dressing that conforms to body which is secured with a tape or pin.
• Burn Dressing- For relieving pain by cooling the burned area and prevent any contamination.
• Blue Detectable Plasters
• Fabric Plasters- Lightweight and stretchable fabric plaster which provides cushioning and adhesion.
• Disposal Wipes- Alcohol free cleansing solution.
• First Aid Catering Kit- Contains burn relief dressing, waterproof plaster, foil blanket, sterile gloves, mouth to mouth resuscitation device with valve, first aid guidance leaflet, moist cleaning wipes and assorted safety pins.
• First Aider Protection Pack- Contains two aprons, two disposable bags, two pairs of gloves, two resuscitates and two wipes.
• Disposable Container- Containers for disposing sharp objects which has a daily lid for opening and closing and also a final closure when ready for disposal. Always security Equipment installed is very important for any business.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sales Is Full Of Myths

Sales is full of myths, primarily because it has never been considered worthy of being treated as a science. It has evolved empirically by oral tradition and by pop-experts who typically lack rigorous academic training.

These self-proclaimed gurus do however excel at self-promotion and can out BS the other wannabe gurus. They spew out an endless stream of book-of-the-month paperbacks and articles in magazines more-concerned with filling white space than with reality. Worse, virtually ever book written on the subject is a plagiarized rehash of other books - sheep endlessly walking in circles, nose to ass, the view never changing.

Here then are my top 10 myths with counterbalancing realities:

1. Positive Attitude: A positive attitude is required to be successful.

This is the ultimate example of how bullshit, repeated often enough, comes to be accepted as fact, indeed gospel, without any critical examination or research to back up the claim. Simple proof - does it take a positive attitude to ride a bicycle, play a piano, drive a car, or any number of other learned tasks? Why should learning to sell be any different?

2. ABC - Always Be Closing: Close early, close often, close hard and you will conquer all. Should a surgeon Always Be Operating? Even when the patent's tests are negative? Closing a prospect before you find out if you can help the prospect makes you a thief, not a professional sales rep. What's worse, you will come across as self-serving and untrustworthy and will lose many sales for each "conquest" and never know it.

3. Wing It: Sales is an art form best learned as you go along by practice.

Would you go to a doctor that skipped medical school and wings-it, for a life-threatening emergency? Fly in a plane with a "pilot" that has no training or license? Me neither. If sales is not a profession, it's because the participants don't consider it one. Nor do they act like they belong to one. The low-life stereotype the public has of sales reps is what we collectively deserve.

4. Experience Counts: Experienced reps usually outsell beginners.

Reps that follow the best methodology and work hard make the deals. You can have 20 years so-called
"experience" which in reality is 20 years doing the wrong thing, or what worked for you 20 years ago but is now sadly obsolete.

5. Likable & Nice: Prospects must like you or they won't buy from you.

This one is easy. Do you like everybody you do business with? With the checkout cashier at the market? The mechanic who fixes your car? Buying decisions are made considering many factors - price, features, quality, guarantee - with "liking the sales rep" so far down the list as to be meaningless. Schmoozers say they are successful because they like everybody and are liked in return. What they don't say, and rarely realize, is that they could have been way more successful with expert methodology and save the warm fuzziness for their dog.

6. Extroverted: You must be a dynamic, outgoing, loud, back-slapping, life of the party type.

Introvert or extrovert - I've seen great reps and terrible from both sides. Where's the data to substantiate the myth?

7. Customer Is Always Right: Never argue with a customer just give them what they want.

Who knows more about your product and applications, you or the customer? If it's not you then you are incompetent and should be fired. A professional should advise customers toward their own best self-interest even at the risk of upsetting the customer.

8. Make More Calls: The rep that makes the most calls makes the most sales. Call Volume is only half

the equation. Close ratio is the other half. If you can't make deals happen then hundreds of calls a day is a waste of time.

9. Closers Make More Sales: It's obvious that the best closer always makes the most sales.

Close ratio is only half the equation. Call Volume is the other half. If you don't make the calls you have nothing to close.

10. Interlopers: Got laid off? Need more money? Can't find a real job? Try sales, it's easy!

Can you imagine if the U.S. Army allowed any dimwit off the street to stroll in, pick out a rifle, and go fight the war because he is bored and unemployed? Or pick up a knife and do brain surgery? And yet here we are in sales where any Bozo is allowed in. Good news is it's a revolving door and it spins fast.

Special Bonus Myth - No Extra Charge

11. The Best Rep Should Be Manager: If you don't promote her she will quit. If it's not the best rep the team won't respect her.

There is little correlation between being the "best rep" which can result from many factors including work hours, closing ability, lack of conscience, and everybody else on the team being idiot incompetents. Absent any purposeful, systematically developed, psychologically engineered sales process, the best rep is inevitably the one most naturally charismatic.

This is the one thing that can't be taught and the source of the rep's success. Although she will  swear it was "hard work" or "positive attitude" or countless other factors that can be neatly packaged as slogans, that would seem to credit that success to her efforts instead of her given unearned attributes (which can also include good looks, intelligence, and so on).